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Heya there, Name's Nudawang, hope this isn't too late

I started playing 3 months ago or so and haven't really
put much effort into saying hi,
and I haven't touched the fourms at all

My ultimate goul at the moment is just to improve :3
After lots of practice, I can already do about any 3 star map

About me

I watch anime, and consume it wayy to fast, although,
I haven't watched a lot of it yet.
Kimi no na wa was REALLY good, so if anything can fill the
show hole, please tell me

I'm really trying to sound extroverted, but i'm not really.
Until next time, see ya <3
Do you exist?

Cogito, ergo sum.

So, if you're able to think, that proves that you exist.

Hahaha, all phylosophy out. Let me welcome you to the forums!
I recently watched Tenki no Ko, a more recent film from the same director of Kimi no na wa. I'd recommend it you to watch it if you want to fill that hole Kimi no na wa left.
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