Streamlabs OBS - Circles appear/disappear faster on stream. Followlines look odd with opacity change

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Hey Community,

I have a problem on OBS that I encounter every time I stream osu!.

The problem is, when I stream it seems like that something doesn't work properly. We talk here about the quality of the stream. (Overlay looks all fine. Only thing is the game itself. Game res is at 1600x900.)

I myself am a HD main and when I see how my stream gets "rendered" it seems like that my game looks very chunky etc.

When I play, my game does look really weird on stream. The circles seem to appear/disappear very fast (It would look like AR10,5 when I play AR9,7 for example). My followlines by my skin look very odd. They don't look like a normal line. They look chopped (in a way. Like it's hard to explain). I tried like every single setting, looked at tutorials but nothing helped me actually... It would be a big relief if someone would figure out what this problem causes.

Stream example: (luckely, it's not that long because stream crashed so you don't have to look at some specific map or whatever to see the issue.

Also my skin by itself looks not that dark, it looks way cleaner when you play it, the followlines are as said not "weird" and are just... Normal followlines.. Maybe it would be easier to tell you that the followlines doesn't look like they have random opacities (when you look from left to right at it, it looks like there are chunks that have low opacity and high opacity. As said, it's hard to explain but you will get it when you look at the video). They look absolutely white and clean from left to right with no opacity change. Just a clean white line. This is what I mean the whole time. If you got it right from the start, sorry that you just read my explanation.
I would pay for help lol jk


EDIT: if you want to discover yourself how the skin looks different from the stream, convince yourself: community/forums/topics/873544
Whatever the issue is, it's probably related to OBS and the encoder/settings you are using.

If it doesn't look that way ingame, then it's probably not the game.

Though I will say that it is kinda weird and interesting. But not sure how to potentially help with it.
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I mean every streamer or youtuber I watch that plays osu has none of these issues... Even though this is one issue... A big one.. But for sure it's more likely to be related to OBS instead of the game itself... Hold on, I will try out what happens if I play the game on 1920x1080. Maybe that will fix it. It would be absolutely random if the issue gets solved then but I just try to change the resolution. Although some streamers play with 1600x900.. As I do
If that doesn't work, what OBS settings are you using? And what Video Codec are you using to encode? & how are you capturing the game? Also do you have Compatibility mode enabled in the osu! options?
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Here are all my OBS settings.

just if you ask, NVEC is working perfect for me. First I used x264 of course but I noticed very fast that my CPU limits. Or even though it feels like it since my mouse will "warp" or just cut off by the input that gives and I can't aim like that. It is basically mouse drift without mouse drift but with laggs xd.

I had compatibility mode active once because I had a weird issue where my game had Vsync issues where 2 frames overlap each other and the screen has a cut in the middle by one frame.. I forgot how to call it right now though...

(I googled fast and just in case you didn't know what I was talking about, I meant Vsync Tearing.)
Does the issue happen when using x264 CPU encoding though?

Also you will always get screen tearing unless you use Vsync or some other type of sync (highly not recommended in osu!) or if you run Windowed (also not reccomended)
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As mention before, I tried everything I thought about. x264 CPU encoding didn't help sadly... Changing the Color Range and the Color Range didn't help either. And well... Color Format I never changed because people say don't change it unless you know what it does.

Funny thing was though, that I didn't get screen tearing when comp mode was active and FPS to optimal. That was a long time ago though and now since like a year I use FastSync anyways to cap my FPS to 75 since I overclocked my monitor to it. And I don't need more FPS so... Well of course FastSync doesn't cap it to 75 FPS but it limits it to it. FPS go higher but it's still... You know what I mean XD bruh

So yeah, now I don't use comp mode. Optimal FPS is on and Fullscreen isn't on since I play with 1600x900 but I use native resolution setting. etc etc.

I just got used to 1600x900 instead of 1920x1080
Try disabling the "Psycho visual tuning" option
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nothing changed. Still the same. Even restarted OBS
Unfortunately I don't believe I can personally suggest or help anymore with this. Don't know enough about OBS (Especially Streamlabs OBS) and have never seen an issue like that before.
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any idea who could help me more with this?
Does it look the same if you record instead of stream?

Also the people on OBS's forums should be able to help you. Or wherever support is given for Streamlabs OBS if it is in a different place.
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Yeah it looks completely the same when I record. I guess it should be like that..

Okay then, I guess I would go ask now in the streamlabs OBS/OBS forum if they know what issue that is and how to solve it.

Thanks for trying to help me. Of course, if you have more ideas what issue that could be and how to solve it, just write it down in here

EDIT: Okay, so. I found the solution. It appears that I had "allow transparency" turned on by in OBS for the osu! window. That means, everything I said makes sense now why it appeared to be "faster" and weirder by quality.
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EDITEDIT: Changed the title.
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