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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, 14 September 2020 at 01:33:25

Artist: Camellia
Title: FLYING OUT TO THE SKY (covered by Nanahira, moimoi, Nana Takahashi)
Source: SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
Tags: japanese metal rock video game kamelcamellia かめるかめりあ cametek 3leep KCCD-04 mayumi morinaga 森永真由美 c90 comiket cover vocaloid zola project original song contest ii iii gravity wars iv heavenly haven SDVX long ver すりーぷ! Confetto Sleep! BEMANI KONAMI reform kujinn browiec kuki1537 snownino_ armin a_r_m_i_n ayyri eiri- yasuho Cynplytholowazy -gn junior ft. feat
BPM: 244
Filesize: 8633kb
Play Time: 04:23
Difficulties Available:
  1. A r M i N's INNER ONI (6,59 stars, 2388 notes)
  2. Ayyri's ONI (5,12 stars, 1931 notes)
  3. browiec & Kuki's EXTRA (6,69 stars, 1348 notes)
  4. Cynp-zy's HELL ONI (7 stars, 2214 notes)
  5. ENDGAME (10 stars, 1788 notes)
  6. NiNo's INSANE (5,05 stars, 1097 notes)
  7. Reform's EXTREME (8,08 stars, 1535 notes)
  8. Yasuho's MUZUKASHII (3,8 stars, 1347 notes)

Download: Camellia - FLYING OUT TO THE SKY (covered by Nanahira, moimoi, Nana Takahashi)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


BG Source

INSANE by SnowNiNo_
EXTRA by browiec & Kuki1537
EXTREME by Reform
ENDGAME by Sotarks ->Video Preview

ONI by eiri-
INNER ONI by A r M i N
HELL ONI by Cynplytholowazy

Color Haxed & Hitsounded by Sotarks


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