Osr2mp4 public release. Automatically convert replay file to video.

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I was excited to see how this would work, but it turns out that other game modes aren't supported (I only tested mania, maybe Taiko and CTB work). Pretty disappointing, I also play standard osu! but it's inconvenient not to be able to use this for my main mode. Are you planning on adding functionality for other modes? This tool is awesome and it would be so helpful if it was accessible to every game mode.

P.S. The user interface is awesome
Any way to add a skin?

edgygoatman wrote:

Any way to add a skin?
it burned my cpu
This is nuts. Thank you so much
Very god job. It works so well. Question though, how can you change the skin that it uses to export to mp4? I got mine set to default skin by default (lol). Do i need to set something specific on the app window?
wtf, its amazing, god ;) thanks

Astral52 wrote:

Very god job. It works so well. Question though, how can you change the skin that it uses to export to mp4? I got mine set to default skin by default (lol). Do i need to set something specific on the app window?
no you need to choose the osu! folder instead of the replays folder
I wonder, does this works on other modes, I'm not a standard player, but I can make use of this if it also works with other modes

Edit: it doesn't
mine doesnt work CalledProcessError(1, ['ffmpeg', '-i', 'C:/Users/acer/AppData/Local/osu!/Skins/- # The Journey of Elaina copy\\normal-slidertick.ogg', '-ar', '44100', 'libs\\pythonlib\\lib\\site-packages\\osr2mp4/06b6e0a8-63bc-11eb-855a-cc79df084dd9temp/converted.wav', '-y']) this thing keeps popping up help
why i cant open the app??
every time i try to convert any replay, i get the error "IndexError ('list index out of range')"
it doesn't matter how long the replay is. it still gives it away
can somebody help me, please?

upd: i get it! i was converting replays that was not ended, because i failed
It can't convert mode catch the beat
Error says:
How to enable GPU Acceleration?

crazyblox20081 wrote:

It can't convert mode catch the beat
Error says:
osr2mp4 does not support other game modes
When its a replay where you fail, it just bugs the replay and keeps going
So I've tried both versions (normal and legacy) but neither of them seem to open, am i doing something wrong?
Edit: Figured it out, but how to insert skins? Also, I don't understand mapset
nice thx u for making this im not record my gameplay with my potato laptop;v
The application won't open, i have to use backward compability to run it, not really a big thing, but is there a fix to this?
this is it!
Hey queens! Just wondering if there's a similar software out there for Mania maps, Taiko maps and CTB. I tried Mania with this software, but it's not possible. Would love feedback! thanks <3

P.S.: I know it's been ages since the software was developed, but somehow I haven't long found out about it so yeah.

yuitora wrote:

After a few months I’ve managed to make an app that convert osu replays to mp4 videos in few clicks.
All you need to do is to choose the replay you want to convert and click the "Start" button.

You can download the app here:
For more information about the app:

A sample video using osr2mp4:

I would appreciate feedbacks and issues, just send me a message via discord: or open an issue on github.
Special thanks to -freez for the big brain design.

Enjoy the program!

  1. Change ValueError(‘Problem with video writer’) to a more detailed error.
  2. Fix app crash when selecting osu folder:
    1. try catch when replay are corrupted
    2. try catch when beatmap is not found in osu.db since it’s not updated for new downloaded beatmap
    3. try catch when fail to parse scores.db
  3. Fix audio when set volume to 0%
  4. Background delay when using dt or ht fix
  5. Can’t render scorev2 replay fix (by using scorev1 system)
  6. Fix using wrong hp bar (fix not using @2x file when animated image file doesn’t exist)
  7. Fix continuous cursor trail (math domain error)
  8. Weird character in skin name fix
  9. Improve skin.ini parse (fix keyerror and others stuffs)
  10. Fix parsing replay gives NoneType object is not subscriptable
  11. Fix hitcircle border not loading

  1. Show mods during replay
  2. Output name in another textbox
  3. Customisable output name, ex: {Map} played by {Player} at {PlayDate} video rendered at {Date} {Accuracy}%.mp4
  4. Customisable PP counter. CustomPP.exe
  5. Fix no spinner with some skin
  6. Hide combo during breaks
  7. Fix animation for fps > 60 (? not sure if it’s fixed)
  8. Fix scrollbar does weird shit
  9. Fix clipping line during ranking screen on some skin
  10. Add song delay option
  11. Fix grade sometimes it shows D rank instead of C rank
  12. Fix key error on CHUJ kurwa map (due to wrong slider speed)
  13. Add unstable rate at the end of the replay
  14. Fix wonky kick slider
  15. Fix relax plays doesn’t work properly
  16. Accuracy position is fucked up with special resolution fix
  17. Update spinner (margin error of spin bonus score is +- 1k, instead of 10k lol)

Awesome app, only the legacy works for me (even tho I use windows 10), but it's great and I don't see any bugs ^^
Giai tich 2

ddfddf23 wrote:

How to enable GPU Acceleration?
Use ffmpeg settings, read the ffmpeg wiki for suitable configs for either h264_nvenc or h265_nvenc
Where can I select my skins? In the game I have 2 different skins but in the app them just don´t appear
You're a lifesaver UwU
pls help me idk how to add skin can someone explain and send pictures instead because i don't really understand what it says :(

nvm i figured it out now ;w;
Yhuan Debeste
idk if I messed something up but flashlight does not work, can someone help?
pls add taiko mode
how to add skins?
Silent Ninja

ArcticMage47 wrote:

how to add skins?
download them
The program is awesome, it is totally working on my laptop. The only trouble that I had is that I can't convert replays with the White Cat skin 2.0. Besides, it would be awesome if there was an option to remove the background of the maps.

Edit: I found the dim option, I'm have potato eyes.

I'm lovin' it.
i have this error, dont know why it says "failed to compressed data before-the-end-of-stream
I have a bit of a problem here. The conversion is stuck on 0% for an hour or more. I'm using the replay of one of the default songs and have tried using no skin but it just doesn't work. I've also set the output to mp4 instead of avi. Anybody have any ideas on what might be causing this?
How do you remove that cross thing on the cursor? Like theres a blue cross on the middle of my cursor and idk how to get rid of it

Hello there, i was trying to use the osr2mp4 but i got this error and i don't know how to solve it, so, I would like to know how to solve it :3

Thanks to anyone who can help me solve the problem :D
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