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I made a beatmap out of boredom and i want your advice on how it turned out?
Its my first time ever doing a beatmap, so i want to know what can i do to improve next time im doing another.

Beatmap :

Well first off, if this is your first time mapping then this is pretty much expected that its pretty bad. (I dont think anyone starts off solid)

Now, Im guessing you used the tap bpm to get the timing right. While this is a viable method you should always check and edit the offset and the bpm itself manually. for example there's circle's coming before the red line where the bpm starts and the notes where it should tick doesn't start with the white tick. This made you need to guess where a note is. If you got the timing right you should be able to tell where a note should or should not be.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, I recommend watching phishifat's youtube channel where he have basically all you need to know about mapping. I recommend starting off with the "starting guide" and "timing" videos.

You should also get a better understanding on what instruments or vocals you should map, since your map is pretty much 90% vocal even when there's a louder instrument that should've been mapped.

What I also recommend is checking out your favorite maps from your favorite mapper in the editor(I'd suggest ranked maps too). You should study how the mapper put a circle or slider to a sound and see what makes things move the way it did. This way you should also get a better grasp of mapping styles and general flow of movement when playing.

and last thing I might recommend is learning more music theory, as it helps what you can think to represent a certain sounds and melody. Also just to get a general sense of timing right. Just learn more music and rhythm, This is a ryhthm game afterall.

And with that you should be set and try not to get discouraged and keep on mapping to whatever motivates you to do better. Good luck ^-^
Li Syaoran
there are only 3 words mappers tell you in order to get better:

watch. pishi's. vids.

they help (although he hasn't posted in a year or so)
Alright, so first of all, watch some tutorials on getting to know mapping better, (pishis vids are amazing), play around with the editor a bit, learn all the tabs and all the fancy stuff you can do with the editor, now then.

If you're looking to make a map thats around 2-4 stars, you should use grid snapping, time your bpm correctly, and try to make patterns, of course use sliders. One thing I noticed was the constant use of spinners, I think that spinners should really used in an intro / outro of a song, or right before a break starts. And then the difficulty set up, or press F4. The Approach Rate (AR) is too low, usually it would be somewhere between 7-8 for a 3* map. Oh and the circle size is too small, whatever you do don't make it bigger than 5, but if you can manage the spacing correctly then it should be no problem.

Timing on the first part is solid, although it seemed you were really having trouble to map the main chorus, since this song isn't really fast like DDU-DU DDU-DU where it has a solo aswell, try to use both vocals and the instruments whenever the vocals aren't playing. If I were to do it, I would only use little of the vocals, probably only when the lyrics are continuous.

Oh I forgot, you should probably look at other mappers styles like Sotarks, pishi, monstrata etc.

I hope this helps! :D
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