what genres of songs do you map

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Li Syaoran
exactly what the title says.

honestly, i map whatever sounds catchy to me. i'm into most types of music, so that won't be a problem. BUT i genuinely hate love live songs with a passion.
a lot of things but i'm currently mapping artcore
You can't make hard maps in mania without hardcore electronic.
Zelzatter Zero
electronic stuff mainly. currently working on utau/furloid covers.
i honestly dont care what type of genre i map, as long as i like it (unless the song entails fast tech sliders then thats a no go for me)
non-anime pop of long songs. usually i do jpop. i tried some pop songs in my native language but it hasnt worked yet that one time.
currently mapping a specific album set.

no tv size.
uhhh i map rock and jp metal mostly. most mappers dont restrain themselves to any specific genres, but just map what they like.
tend to avoid high bpms and metals since, i dont trust myself mapping it well
electronic and dubstep stuff, sometimes slow songs only if they end up with a hard drop, i honestly really like maps with high bpm
I think mostly anything but rock and metal I guess. I do like playing both of them but not mapping them
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