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Have fun bombing your tests on shit that's piss easy to understand if you pay attention

This year I have a steady schedule of getting at least 6 hours of sleep per night. It's working out really well for now. I'm full of energy.

I slept last night from 9PM to 8AM.

Is this bad thing?

EDIT: I'm still failing classes, what do I do?

cheesiest wrote:

i regret not taking maps when i was younger
So i heard you like maps
oh boy i'm going to sleep for at least 10 hours, ciao!
I should listen to my mom and try to sleep early but is so hard! why is that? why I can't fall sleep... Its like I have this feeling I will die in my sleep if I sleep early geez...

I just woke up in the middle of a dream and it just kept going while I was awake and this dream was SO GOOD
It was like a full story with enough stuff in it to fill a whole 12 episode series that would actually be fun to watch

daaamn I should write this down omg

The weirdest part is that my mind is making it all up but I still feel like I'm watching a show and wanting to know what happens next and it's actually interesting. the setting is pretty unique and the characters engage in a lot of dialogue that raises a lot of questions and at the same time it's still kinda light-hearted and making you feel attached to the characters despite having started off in a large scale war / destruction setting where a lot of lives were lost.

it's kinda like, one of the survivors after a lot died becomes captured by the enemy who led to everyone being killed. That enemy is not a human but some sort of sentient machine with advanced destructive powers as well as the power to manipulate dna and brain waves. That machine kills a human girl in the process of destroying many lives and infiltrates her mind to extract information about where to seek more humans to kill after destroying a whole country, but that girl happens to be the one who was in love with the person that machine captured. As a result of entering her mind, an unplanned outcome happens and the machine inherits her thoughts and falls in love with that human.

They're now isolated from the world in a crater of destruction in a newly formed ocean where the only platform is an artificial structure made by that machine (the machine itself is very large) and the human has suicidal thoughts after all of his friends died and he's the only one left, but the machine tries to convince him to stay alive and openly tries to make him fall in love back with it(her?) by using the modified body of the killed human girl to talk to him. He knows the machine controls her body and the machine is being open about it, going back and forth between talking to him through the zombie-ish body (looks and sounds exactly like she was when human, but on the inside it's the machine) and the machine's mainframe computers from the structure he's locked in.

At first he's just being angry and hostile towards the creature he's dealing with but due to having nothing else to do they end up talking a lot and discussing their weird situation and over time their interactions become more positive (as in, the human stops talking about only wanting to kill that machine, and says it's okay if they just keep talking, which the machine tells him is already a step forward from hate to love).

It's like so weird and fucked up but I'm sure it could make a good series or something. It raises a bunch of questions like can you love something that is not a human (and in part of the dream they talk about whether he can at least love the machine in the same way that humans love dogs or cats) and whether you can love somebody you completely loathed after they have done irreversible damage to your life.

Some other points of the story:
- at some point they talk about how it's wrong for the machine to abuse the girl's body like that, and how it would be better to just bury her and let her rest in peace like what is normally accepted with humans once they die. but the machine says that even if he thinks that, there is still more of a positive effect in talking to him through a human body and that would keep his sanity and make him feel not alone unlike when talking to computers in a locked structure.
- at some point helicopters are being sent to investigate the crater that was created and the machine buries the whole structure under the ocean (to avoid being found. the whole battle was very sudden and the rest of the world does not know about the machine or what caused the disaster) forcing the human to spend a lot of time in an air tank unable to talk back or else his air would run out from the limited supply available. When they finally come out after the helicopters leave he talks about how he misses his normal life and the machine starts making modifications to the insides of the structure to resemble more and more stuff that are "normal". This expands over time.
- the human asks about the origins of the machine and it tells him it was constructed by a previous machine, and sent to earth with the mission to eradicate all humanity, reason unknown. After talking about it for a while they reach the conclusion that the very first machine (not knowing how many machines back created each other, but it had to start somewhere) was constructed by a human, and that raises the question why would a human want to destroy all of humanity, moreso he put no instructions for the current machine to keep anybody alive in other words if he's still alive he would be killed too. Also, the machine is far too advanced with its understanding of DNA and such than to be from this time, but time travel is definitely impossible and the option of being created by aliens is also discarded because all of the information this machine has is specifically about humans.
- the human realizes at some point that the machine is still faithful to its mission of destroying humanity, and it has only put it on a temporary pause to try to make him fall in love with it. He asks the machine about it and realizes that as soon as he's dead it would just return to its original mission and destroy everything that was left, which stops his suicidal thoughts. The machine also offers him immortality by modifying his body in the same way that it modified the girl's body but he doesn't accept or decline, putting the decision on an indefinite halt.
- from there their relations never really improve (the human keeps on hating the machine, just trying less to keep distance from talking to it since he pretty much has nothing else left to do in his life) and the machine keeps openly saying it loves him and tries to respect his desires while still being aggressive sometimes and forcing him into doing things he didn't agree to when it believes this would have a positive outcome on their relations, even if for a short time. They keep talking about each other, the past they came from, and what they know of the rest of the world.

I ended up getting out of bed before getting to the end of this so I have no idea how this ends.

I wonder if I dream fucked up shit like that every night...
I've been going to sleep at 1 or 2 AM and waking up at 11 AM.

It's great.
on weekdays i sleep 4-5 hours , in weekends it depends some times i sleep for like 10-12 hours some times i just dont sleep
Usually sleep at 10pm, 11pm or 12am, wake up on 5am.
On weekdays I sleep 6-7 hours usually but on weekends I guess 9-11 hours, I simply can't fall asleep before midnight!
Yesterday I slept from 5pm to 4am. Then I played osu for about 1 hour before going back to sleep. I woke up around 1pm today, which means that I slept for about 20 hours altogether, with a one hour osu break early this morning, after 11 hours of sleep.

Normally I sleep for about 3-4 hours during nights, and then 1-2 hours in school. This is why I usually end up sleeping all weekends just like I did yesterday until today.
I sleep for 7-10 hours on weekdays. On weekends it depends.

Well, it's semestral break, got lots of time to sleep.
L i t c h i
I cannot sleep very much.
Depression when I got up in the morning. :|
I want to sleep on the weekend!
Finally on all-saints break. 1 week to fix my sleep schedule.
I slept over 12 hours yesterday, feels good man
I sleep 4-7 hrs a day with a VERY irregular sleeping schedule.

I should fix this.. for my summer job. ;-;
Didn't even realize I had something like this bookmarked.

Nice revive.

Rurree wrote:

I sleep 4-7 hrs a day with a VERY irregular sleeping schedule.

I should fix this.. for my summer job. ;-;
the necro is real
i slept for 3 hours last night

i have rly bad insomnia and i went to sleep by taking sleeping pills
Witch Mercy
I've been staying up for 24 hours + and then just crashing for a straight 12-14 hours.
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