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Restless Spirit

Dulcet wrote:

Powersocke wrote:

Just yer brain playin' nasty tricks on you. Easy fellas.
You're boring.
I love you too. And don't you be afraid of the Boogeyman.
I greet the boogeyman every night with my waving hand, and he greets me back with static noises.
Restless Spirit
You sure it wasn't Slenderman?

Kanye West wrote:

I think this is somewhat true for me, except i tend to dream the most vividly when I'm REALLY tired (haven't slept for 2-3 days straight) and then sleep for a really long time.
It's really nice sleeping for a long time, Happends like you said after you stayed up some days. ^^
happend to me today sleept from 07:00 to 19:** but no lucid dreaming tho

Powersocke wrote:

You sure it wasn't Slenderman?
Static noise is one of the symptoms of sleep paralysis.
Restless Spirit

Dulcet wrote:

Powersocke wrote:

You sure it wasn't Slenderman?
Static noise is one of the symptoms of sleep paralysis.
Then your statement of greeting the Boogeyman doesn't make any sense.
That's the point.
Restless Spirit
Uuuuh. That's deep, man. Gotta think about it when I go to sleep today.
Topic Starter
For anyone that experience a wild imagination and terrifying thoughts whenever you are close to sleeping, just shout out loud inside your head "COME AT ME" while focusing some anger and I bet you it won't.

I have always had a vivid imagination and even when typing this I see obnoxious things in the corners of my view because I let myself become overly aware or paranoid when I think too hard about it. When it becomes a real bother I just stare at where I thought I saw something and follow that simple procedure and I quickly feel better.

My dad taught me this when I was 8 years old and he was tired of all the fuss I made back then :P Never had a problem with it since.

Anger also works during nightmares for anyone who is afraid of a lucid dream suddenly becoming a nightmare.

hope this helps you all
Buy a Body pillow/Hug Pillow/dakimakura and sleep :D
had 5 hours of sleep, off to work!
No sleep yet today, 6:40am
i sleep 4-5 hours. sometimes 6 if i'm lucky.
i'm tired all the time. been that way since i was little.
i go to bed at 11 and fall asleep at 2-3. sometimes 1 if i'm lucky.
i never have the energy to do anything.
never been to the doctor about it, but i doubt there's something wrong with me. i guess if i had a disorder like insomnia it would be way more serious.
Slept 6 hours yesterday... Gonna have 6 hours of sleep today *looks at clock*
Got out of school so I can sleep from midnight all the way to 2pm

unfortunately I only pulled that off once :(
go to sleep now. see you guys like in 7 hours more?
Kanye West
last night I went to bed at 6 PM and woke up this morning at 9 AM. Best. Night. Ever.
Gnite gaise g2g cyu l8t0r
I went to sleep 14 hours and woke up about a few hours ago. I was still tired so I went to take a nap. Slept for another hour. Aw yis.
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