KOTOKO - Floating up

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020 m. rugsėjo 14 d. at 10:15:31

Artist: KOTOKO
Title: Floating up
Source: カルマルカ*サークル
Tags: opening op vn galgame freesongs eroge visual novel saga planets karumaruka circle japanese short version ver video game pop
BPM: 147
Filesize: 24072kb
Play Time: 01:57
Difficulties Available:
  1. FreeSongs' Summer Holiday (4,46 stars, 377 notes)
  2. Hard (3,4 stars, 345 notes)
  3. Light Insane (3,79 stars, 386 notes)
  4. Natsu (4,4 stars, 434 notes)
  5. Normal (1,96 stars, 226 notes)

Download: KOTOKO - Floating up
Download: KOTOKO - Floating up (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Jump and GO, Jump and GO! Here we go!! さあ、行こう!
Floating up ! Asahina Shin waifuuu >//<
My difficulties were inspired by DarknessAngel You can check his map here! >3 ;;; thank you!!
FreeSongs thanks for a really awesome gd !! and thanks Petal for IRC feedback !

My other ranked maps :) -> Scarlet -> Dive 2 World!

Lafayla's Taiko Full Version
- Yahuri Milan- Thank you guys so much, for helping me to push this set to ranked! I'm really grateful for your help and patience :)

- Petal for IRC feedback, really appreciated!!1

- FreeSongs Not only for giving a lot of support, but also helping me and making a gd for me!!

- Ohwow Helped with getting a really great video resolution >3, love you!!

- Log Off Now Gave me permission to use his mp3, and i'm really thankful for it! :)

- Dilectus support owo

- rosario wknd VenerableNyanta Kuse Frostings GodKei For modding the map! Thank you for helping me polish it!!

- kanocchi Metadata source >3

- Everyone who plays the map!! :3

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