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Murder the person above you

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Kasane Teto
*chokes you and snaps your neck*

Euphoria Episode 5
Ryu Sei
(take a look on icon for more desciption)
A quite cynical, cheerful, and retarded girl are walking in the middle night. She draws out her lovely revolver, with a heart motif on it. She plays on it, spinning it, and accidentally oulled the gun's trigger, and kills the unlucky person; in front of her.

"Whoa, are you fine?" she said to the dead body.
Kasane Teto
(Dude, you're good at narrative stuff. Do you roleplay :^) )

She touched her butt, and it exploded on contact.
Daichi Shinku
I'd grab you, push you towards the wall, having that mad yandere face.
"Why'd you never said it back" - whispering to you.
My hands are trying to reach your neck, but you just dodge it.
Looking surprised at you, jumping onto you, falling with you on the ground.
Hold your limbs with mine down. Just starring real close.
While i start to laugh, i'm moving my hands up to your neck again and start squeezing.
You start coughing, but i don't care.
*Roses flying around*

And boom you are dead.

a1l2d3r4e5d6 wrote:

*Smothers with Haruka*

OT: i will call some love live grills and kill you cuz of there seinging >:3
Daichi Shinku
3 Words...

- Gate of Hades -
iDose ftw
Wrote* Iridescent on my Death Note
*drown pucci in water*
Gets walrus punched with 5 rapiers.
Ryu Sei

Kasane Teto wrote:

(Dude, you're good at narrative stuff. Do you roleplay :^) ).
Per sure, mostly using Indonesian. :^)
Check out my Twitter's list, lel

"Whoa! A cute girl! I shall dominate her and make her as my peon!" she said to herself, looking that girl in front of her.

"Attack Delusion Happy!"
She uses her moe kill to convert her; unfortunately failed. She converts her to the fluffy cupcake, and ate her.

Gonna poke you with toothpicks to death.
i am the Free! ultra lord.
i kill you.. by summoning RIN MATSUOKA!!
First, I shall repeatedly whack you with a baseball bat.
Then, I'll run you over with my 2 front teeth.
Ryu Sei
"I don't care how beautiful you are. But you're irritating me. Thou shalt deserve this death." she said, with a smile carved on her mouth.
As her choco iris stares to her innocent face, she slowly stabs her heart using sword, then pull it out again. For thousand times.
i feed you bleach :3
*Drops you in Australia*
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