Aoba Ringo - Innocence

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021 m. vasario 15 d. at 20:38:12

Artist: Aoba Ringo
Title: Innocence
Source: 幻創のイデア~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~
Tags: Gensou no Idea 3rdeye yaleufeu bossandy まもも mamomo visual novel japanese video game eroge kyuukai jeezyh Kokusei misure Eimi Fukada opening short ver vn op galgame j-pop pop jpop
BPM: 187
Filesize: 22721kb
Play Time: 01:56
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,85 stars, 148 notes)
  2. Extra (5,4 stars, 445 notes)
  3. Hard (3,88 stars, 354 notes)
  4. Kyuukai x Jeezyh's Destruction (5,59 stars, 411 notes)
  5. Misure's Insane (4,64 stars, 371 notes)
  6. Normal (2,36 stars, 226 notes)

Download: Aoba Ringo - Innocence
Download: Aoba Ringo - Innocence (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Niglfr Holy War.

hi~ everyone, this is my 2nd ranked map, back when I was am still CXu student xd, hopefully you'll like it~ :)

Misure Kokusei Kyuukai I want to say a really thank you guys. You not only gd my map, but also help me improve in mapping too..I couldn't be more grateful~

- timemon Astronic Thank you very much for the nomination~ timemon your patience towards my map is unforgettable. And thank you Astronic for volunteering to help me :)

- Lasse thanks for feedback, that is very very very very useful to me!!

- bossandy Thank you very much for editting the video, you helped me so much~ <3

- Finshie I found this song from your mapset and I've decided to map this song as well, thank you~

- Kloyd rosario wknd UberFazz bongo William K riffy Respirte Mirai VII Firika thank you everyone for the mod, it helped me so much~

A few other bg I wanted to use, but nsfw ;;

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