Low fps when not in compatability mode

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Problem details:
Osu ran fine for me until I added a second monitor. Now whenever I run the game outside of compatibility mode it runs incredibly slow and when in compatibility mode it feels like there is heavy input lag for my cursor but not for keyboard inputs.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
This is the best screenshot I can get. It gets wonky when I screenshot for some reason

osu! version: Stable 20200519.1 (latest)
What are your PC specs? Is it a laptop?

Are you playing from the second monitor or the first?

Do their refresh rates of the monitors differ?

Have you tried switching what GPU the game uses to run (if applicable)?

Have you tried using DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers and fresh install the latest ones?
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R5 2600x
Rx 5600 xt
32 gb ddr4 3000 mhz
MSI Tomahawk B450

I am not on a laptop

I am currently playing on my first monitor

The refresh rates are the same

I only have a discrete gpu

I am currently on the most recent drivers but I haven't done a fresh install of them
Yeah, with a modern GPU, you shouldn't need compatibility mode. So something is borked with drivers or something else.
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Ok I will try a fresh install of drivers thank you very much for the help
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