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[OPEN] 2 Normal slots & 2 M4M

Special Rules

These rules only applies for normal slots. M4M can ignore these.
  1. Max song length: 3 min
  2. Japanese songs only
  3. All the other rules on the first page still applies

M4M map:

Maybe this will get me into modding again! I'm sorry if I take some time to mod your map :)
Topic Starter
Great songs! Accepted both!

[CLOSED] NM slots

[OPEN] 2 M4M

Yeah, M4M is still open.

M4M map:
Preparing to mod yours , i will edit this post when i finished my mod ~
my mod : p/2610632#p2610632
my map :

thanks xD
Yo, modding your Map right now :P Will edit this when finished =^_^=
Topic Starter
Oh, I got more M4M's than expected xD

Oh wells, I just have to deal with the mods.


Thank you
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Special Round!
Forget about the rules on the first page!

Hello, everyone! This time it will be a special round! This round will have some different rules and it will work a bit differently. So please, read the special rules carefully.

Special Rules
  1. To participate, you should recommend me an Anime
  2. If I get interested in what you recommended me, I'll give you a mod ticket
  3. I won't have a limit on how many Anime recommendations I'll pick. If I like the Anime, you get a ticket. Simple like that~
  4. You may use images, videos or even write a small review to try to convince me to watch it.
  5. Do not have spoilers on your post! If I see you spoiled a crucial part of the story, I'll just forget about it.
  6. Don't post an anime that is already in my list.
  7. Anime movie doesn't count
  8. I will close the queue when I feel like, so just keep the recommendations coming! :D

Yup, I've been really bored these days~

Now, about my anime tastes:
  1. Romance
  2. Shoujo
  3. Action
  4. Adventure
  5. Shounen (Naruto, Reborn, etc.)
  6. Comedy
  7. School Life
  8. Sports
  9. Bishounen lol
  10. Harem/Reverse Harem lol x2
  11. Emotional (Really sad ones)
  12. Magic

  1. Too much blood, blood all the time
  2. Horror
  3. Giant Robots
  4. Ecchi
  5. Hentai
  6. 3D characters like these Ugh, my eyes. Believe or not, this is not MMD, it's the real anime.
Good luck! :)
I've recomend this"ef a tales of the memories"

( I took this form my anime list )

On Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono's bike is stolen by a girl chasing a thief who stole her purse. He gives chase and finds her unconscious and his bike ruined. The girl, Miyako Miyamura, soon awakes and the two begin to talk. After making sure she is okay, they end up spending Christmas Eve together. Later, Hiro finds out Miyako attends the same school as him and they begin to spend more and more time together, Miyako developing affections for Hiro. Kei Shindou—Hiro's childhood friend who has long held a crush on him—begins to become jealous and a love triangle follows.

The series also tells the story of Renji Asou. One day, he meets Chihiro Shindou, the twin sister of Kei Shindou, at an abandoned train station. Even though she's very shy, they get along pretty well and begin meeting at the same spot everyday. However, Renji finds out that Chihiro was in a car accident years ago and as a consequence she suffers from a disability: her memory lasts only 13 hours. Nevertheless, after learning that Chihiro's dream is to write a novel, Renji finally decides to help her fulfill her dream while also trying to make her overcome the difficulties imposed by her condition.

Read more at ... fES7VzW.99

Ok The story is very sad and Big drama. ( i 've cry. )

there's a next chapter " ef a tale of melodies " ... f_Melodies.

but i've recomend you watch " tale of memories" first.
Another - 12 episodes
genre: Horror/Mistery


My favourite anime.
Its comedy, science fiction, thriller with a little bit romance (and also sad when main character will be in situation where he can do nothing).

My english suck, so i wont make any review, I can only say its anime mainly about time travels.
I really recommend you to watch this anime, great story, getting better and better every episode.
Title: Mawaru penguindrum
Genere: Supernatural, psychological, drama, comdey.

Mawaru penguindrum opening 1 (I couldn't find a better quality one)

Plot (no spoiler): The three brothers Takakura, the two male twins Kanba and Shoma and their beloved little sister Himari, live alone in a strange cabin of wood and sheet metal. One day they go to visit the aquarium and Shoma buy as a souvenir to Himari a hat shaped like a penguin, but soon after she collapses and dies. Himari is revived in the morgue, however, the miracle is accomplished by the hat, possessed by a mysterious entity known as the "Princess of the Crystal", which makes a pact with the two brothers. The entity will be able to continue the life of Himari if in exchange the two boys manage to find the Penguindrum, a mysterious and unspecified object. To help in the research, alongside a trio of strange penguins, invisible to everyone except the three brothers.

that's an anime I would recomand to everyone. it's funny, heartbreacking and full of meanings. the graphic and the sountracks are also amazing. this is an anime that can make you smile and also think a lot about life, especially based on the concept of destiny.

you can find episodes here:
Topic Starter
A little bump!

This Queue is [OPEN] for Special Round!

Ignore the rules on the first page and check the Special Rules on page 7

a little anime suggestion^^

under assumption that you may have watched anime in year <2013, I'll recommend a new stuff~

Title: Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shoujo, Supernatural, Shonen

Plot: (taken from myanimelist) When their village was wiped out five years ago, only Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa, and the girl Hamaji, who was raised as if she were their sister, survived. And both men inexplicably have the same peony-shaped birthmark. Genpachi Inukai and Kobungo Inuta were raised hundreds of miles away as foster brothers, but they too share the same birthmark. When they went north as part of the army three years ago, they went to confront demons and came back forever transformed. Now the Imperial Church has come for Shino and Sosuke and they must find eight mystical gems and their owners or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the Church.

Aside from the somewhat boring plot that showed above, I find myself really attached with the anime. The artwork is really beautiful. This is from the one of the review in myanimelist that I really agree; The artwork is definitely done incredibly well. It is one of the first things that drew me in. The characters all have defining features that are immediately noticeable and match the multitude of personalities presented. The background is captured beautifully. Each district, each of the places that the characters visits are almost like a painted work of art. The artwork is the defining beauty of this series.

also the very main point of my interest is (if you don't mind) the very very big hint of yaoi~ ^^. Well, that really shows here, much like Free! (i assume you have watched). Well if you like yaoi lol you'll like this :P

Title: Karneval
Genre: Genres: Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Shonen

Plot:Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country's most powerful defense organization—"Circus"!!
Again, what really draws me is the art and the interesting plot~ this one is frpm myanilist too, which is so fit; Awesome! if you´re looking for romance, this is not one. You might find some hints of it, but this is mostly a shounen/fantasy with a touch of shoujo. If you´re a BL fan you will like it, although let me say this clearly, this is not Shounen-ai. But it has a lot of bishies and lets you imagination flow, so you might want to give it a try ;D *wink wink

Well, there are still many that i like to recommend, but since you don't like blood, I'll refrain then (though Psycho Pass is my favourite) :P

anyway, hope you like it :D

To Love Ru.
Romance, Harem, Comedy, School Life, Action, you'll love it :3
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

It's a super lol anime, also with a lol romances also it's a school life(:
Here's the preview/PV I guess lol :3

You should definitely watch Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (it's the first that came to my mind) =w=

I'm bad making reviews, but it goes in the School Life, Comedy and Romance, it has a few ecchi though, but it doesn't exceed a lot like some other anime :p. I'll put a PV below:


Edit: Now if you want something more pink-coloured (romantic), Bokura ga Ita should be nice too, a lovelyanime :3
Hi there o/

I would recommend Usagi Drop. It's an incredible slice of life anime that will surely make you smile. If you're to watch something really nice and chill, this is for you. And Rin is so kawaii~

Another anime, which you may like is Kanon. I see you've seen some other key stuff, so I highly recommend you add this one to your list. Needless to say it's another beautiful tale, jam-packed full of drama and romance. Kanon was aired before clannad and I absolutely adore both of these shows. 10/10 you should watch this, in my opinion, if you enjoyed clannad.

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