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heyho Miyu
i have a avatar request for you

could you please write Mira-san on the bottom in a color similar to the scarf^^
and if it doesn´t make you to much work a second avatar with a xmas hat:)
Text: Mira-san
background: no
effects: leave it to you
thanks a lot :)
Topic Starter
Sorry xD i'll make the avatars today~

Please christmas cap >w<
Hello Miyu, not sure if you accept to edit BG's for beatmaps since Im making a beatmap but I feel the bg to simple thats why Im requesting here w-w

• Beatmap wallpaper xD
Text/Phrases: Can't Defeat Airman (Its the tittle of the song)
Size: 1024x768 or 1366x768 since both are ok up to you use the one you feel more confotable
Extra: Effects and stuff are up to you just make iit pretty cool <3

thanks hope you accept it

Miyu wrote:


Hello ~ !


Good day everyone ~
thank you *-* it's awesome. wow ^-^
[ Slaneesh ]
Hi again~! Not even a week, but hey, it at least isn't another avatar, this time I wish for a signature~! ;3

• Signature
Image: Even more White Rock Shooter!
Text/Phrase: Err... Well can't really come up with anything so, no text I suppose?
Size: 473x132
theme/colors you would like: Go crazy, I guess, Border colour can be the usual; #BF4080
Border type: Round border (remove what you don't need)
Extra: Go crazy with the graphics, I dunno. If you can, make the black hole thing in the background look like the osu! logo. :3
Hey! Been looking through this thread is your artwork looks really good! I'd like to have three requests if possible. ^_^~
• Avatar
Image Link: Here
Text: Tenri
Background: Transparent
Extra/Any effect: Whatever you think looks good :P
Note: X-mas hat please :3

• Userpage Signature
Image: Here
Text/Phrases: Welcome To Tenri's Userpage
Size: I'm not sure but something like this
theme/colors you would like: whatever you think suits the best :)
Border type: Border

• Signature
Image: Lulu!
Text/Phrase: Tenri
Size: 560x110
theme/colors you would like: Christmas!
Border type: Round border (remove what you don't need)

Here to request another modding banner:3 though I'll still use the older one, just don't wanna use the same one over and over :p

• Mod Banner
Text/Phrase: AnreFM's Mod
Size: 500x128
theme/colors you would like: keep it simple :3
Border type: Border/no border/Round border: anything that suits well :D
Extra: another modding banner, so yeah, I hope you can help me again Miyu :'D

And also this one, for christmast avatar><

• Avatar
Image Link:
Text: AnreFM
Background: No
Extra/Any effect: anything that goes well o3o
Note: Eren with the bread on the upper left :3 Full head please, at least from the neck to all of the hair can be visible :3 and if it's possible, can you do a separate one with a christmast hat?><

I guess that's all then, thank you in advance Miyu>< and I hope I didn't become a really big bother for you :oops:
Hiya there, Miyu... I want to request Userpage & Signature if possible (If You can only do one, do the userpage first)... ^^

• Userpage Signature
Image: here note : She's Kirisame Marisa from Touhou
Text/Phrases: Welcome to Satriobp's userpage (And If possible, add some wise quote that match the theme)
Size: 600x192
theme/colors you would like: Up to You and make It as cool as possible :D
Border type: Border

• Signature
Image: here note : She's Hieda no Akyuu from Touhou
Text/Phrase: Satriobp
Size: 500x130
theme/colors you would like: Up to You
Border type: Border

Thank You in Advance~ :)

Miyu wrote:


i don't make wallpapers because it takes to much time plus people usually disable beatmap wallpapers because mostly of the times its hard to read the yeah im not an expert in finding out the perfect coloring for a stable gameplay,anyways enjoy
thats perfect thanks <3

• Signature
Text/Phrase: Once Again...
Size: 550x120 (large size)
theme/colors you would like: same as the image
Border type: Round border
Extra: Up to you

I'll waiting for the nice work ^^
Topic Starter
Image Link: ... uge-01.jpg
Text: No
Background: No/Transparent
Extra/Any effect: Feel free to add effects, if possible fitting Lelouch. ty :)
thanks a lot miyu it looks soooo nice <3

and I have another question^^ can you make a compatible signature for me when you have time
that would be great :)
• Avatar
Image Link:
Text: Leave as it is
Background: Leave as it is
Extra/Any effect: Only thing i want is a xmas-hat :)
Topic Starter

Miralee wrote:

thanks a lot miyu it looks soooo nice <3

and I have another question^^ can you make a compatible signature for me when you have time
that would be great :)
if you follow the rules then yeah
• Couple Avatar
Image Link:
Text: No.
Background: n/a?
Extra/Any effect: Anything you feel necessary.
Note: Thanks in advance.
Yuina Hotaru
-Userpage Signature
Text: nyaa~ welcome
Extra: up to you~

Thank You~
Hello Miyu (: I would like to request a small collab avatar.
Please & Thank you~ :)

• Collab avatar
• Image Link:
• Text: The boy: Hino | The Female: TeruTeru (Or Teru is just fine)
• Background: Leave as is please~
• Extra/Any effect: Whatever you deem necessary~

Please: Christmas Cap

Please: Christmas Cap
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