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Hi, senpai ♥
Image Link: pls pls pls this i rly love this picture *.*
Text/Phrases: Cydros Userpage ♥
Size: 620x210
Theme & varius colors you would like: As allways in your hand, im here cuz i suck in editing :c
Borders: same up
Special: same up
Love You and Your works Miyu
Thanks ♥
Thanks a lot miyu :D
I'm lovin' it :)
Thank you for completing my request! I was on a break on OSU for a while so that's why I didn't respond. Thanks again! 8-)
Topic Starter
Sorry for the delays >3< ~ im a bit busy eheh i will complete those asap!
Naisu desune!! Ty Miyu~
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Image Link:
Text: Left girl (pink): r0ck / middle girl (green): Cydros / right girl (orange): Rafis
Background: In your hands.
Size: Avatar size (128x128)
Borders: In your hands.
Special: Up to you.

Thanks Miyu ;)
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Hello, please do me a favor and accept my avatar request :3

Image Link : ... per-HD.jpg
Text : Seraphe ( please make it so that it fits the background )
Size : 128x128
Borders : Please make a rounded border
Special : Don't take the whole picture just the face and a bit around it :3

That was all I need, thanks :3

If you wanna contact me, feel free to :3
Hi again Miyu <3

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Image Link: ... 4.jpg?c=a1
Text/Phrase: I truly love TSUNDERES
Size: 580x150
Theme & varius colors you would like: I hope this helps ;w;
Borders: Yes
Special: Something that fits the phrase and also the image... This might help you :)
Yuina Hotaru
Hi Miyu~
Image Link:
Text/Phrase: Yuina Hotaru
Borders: yes
Special: up to you :3

thank you
mochi mochi, Miyu~ :3
been awhile since my last request (I guess)

▲ Userpage
Image Link : here
Text/Phrases : Welcome to satriobp's Userpage
Size : 622x192
Theme : Bluish or anything You think best (just to make It looks matching with My Userpage's theme :D )
Borders : Yes, Square border
Special : Up to You :3 .. maybe if You can? can You made a *.gif version of it where the text is flashing or something? that would be great. but if not, I don't mind either

Thanks in advance, I'll be waiting :D
Topic Starter
Hi :3

Userpage Signature
Image: ... it-785.jpg
Text/Phrases: Neko's Userpage
Extra: just make it epic :3

Thanks o/
Wah Miyu! Things have changed and it's been 2 months but i'm glad to see you here working as hard as ever :'3
I come with siggy request, as usual~

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Image Link: Here!
Text/Phrase: ---
Size: 500x130 (Same as current one)
Theme & varius colors you would like: As long as it matches, anything. Maybe elegant?
Borders: Thin, regular border. If the color could match/or be plain black/ that would be great
Special: If you get any ideas, go for it!

Thank you!! Hope your having a lovely spring~~

Miyu wrote:

Completed/In progress requests for

Awesome work! thanks a lot Miyu
Hi :3

Text: Gokuhan
Background: No
Size: 128x128
Borders: yes
Special: Nothing :3


Miyu wrote:


Thank you very much! ^^
Seolhyun -
Image Link:
Text: Pred-
Background: Something that matches the picture would be awesome :p
Borders: yes, something that matches the picture, or a simple coloured border will do. (I trust your judgement)
Special: If you can, make it moe \:3/ if not then just leave it.

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Image Link:
Text/Phrase: Pred-
Theme & various colors you would like: Something that goes well with the picture (and maybe a soft blur? if it doesn't look good then leave it)
Borders: A simple border that fits the theme.
Special: If you want to try any ideas, go ahead. :P

▲ Userpage
Image Link:
Text/Phrases: Welcome to Preddie's userpage
Size: 620x210
Theme & varius colors you would like: Something that fits the picture.
Borders: A simple border that fits the theme.
Special: If you have any ideas, go for it! :p

Thanks!! have a nice day and sorry about the triple-request >w<
Hi Miyu,i like to request again for userpage banner :D


Text: CyberX Userpage

Size: 622x190

Borders:yes,maybe :3

Special: make it cool :D

Thanks a lot again Miyu :D,i like your edit
i'll wait for it :3
Image Link: *
Text: Kuroise
Background: In your hands.
Borders: In your hands.
Special: Your choice
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