You know you're an otaku when...

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You know you're an otaku when...
  1. You use Japanese phrases and terms in your daily life.
  2. Your wallpaper or ringtone is from an anime/manga.
  3. You have a manga/anime character as your crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.
  4. You imitate a manga/anime character, you even own some of their things.
  5. You cried because of deaths and tragic lives of manga/anime characters.
  6. You know about manga/anime characters more than people around you.
  7. You crave for food you see in manga/anime. *cough* Pocky *cough* Ramen *cough*

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to add your ideas (:
.You come to the Otaku Culture Forums everyday
.90% of your osu! beatmaps are Japanese.
- you fap regularly to 2-dimensional girls
- you understand the jokes in parody animes like lucky star or seitokai no ichizon
-you pay $95 for one figurine to be shipped when American figures only cost $15
- you attend every single anime convention near you
-you cosplay an anime character for Halloween
- you see something similar that happen in a scene and point out "OMG THAT HAPPEN IN [Insert w.e you think its from] SERIES!"
- Your wallpapers are usually from Anime series/Game series
- 80% of your music is Anime
- Using anime character picture as your avatar
You are extremely cynical and writes sublime novel-mangas that criticizes the real-life and you get a literature prize for it.

You hate boobs, dyed hair, moeshit, and intentional naked-ness because they are way too fake, the ones who have them are all dangerous, corrupted, and evil succubuses. They only want your attention and money.
- when your Hard Disk is full because of anime.
I'm pretty sure that otaku don't love Japan at all. After all, that's where they live.
When even your family is ashamed of your existence in Japanese society.
When your teacher let you bring your mp3 on P.E classes while you run and you listen just to openings/endings
-When you come home and start to download new episodes of your favorite anime.
-When you say "jan...ken..pon" instead of "stone paper scissors"
-When you're cycling, and you start slowing down so you're riding down the hill the when the beat of your music (OST) drops.
6 of those bullet points apply to me
- When you start acting like their favorite character.
- When you insult someone of "baka!" instead of "stupid!"
- When you cellphone music playlist are fulfilled of anime op's/ed's/insert/character cd songs.
- When you realize that you've seen more than 100 animes.
- When you cried with deaths and tragic moments on manga/anime.
- When you realize you know a lot about anime/manga more than your friends.
- When you see that most of the songs that you mapped are all op / ed / insert songs from anime.
When you don't post in threads saying you're an otaku

GeeNX wrote:

When your teacher let you bring your mp3 on P.E classes while you run and you listen just to openings/endings
All of those comments apply to me :D

XSCX wrote:

All of those comments apply to me :D
In which way?
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