Rapid Monthly osu! Tournament #45 1v1 30k-70k [Registrations Open]

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Hello there weebs of similar ranking as me. I would like to welcome you all to our forty-fifth
monthly tournament! Welcome, to the Rapid Monthly osu! Tournament!
This tournament will take place on the 30th of May 2020 at 15:00 UTC+0.
A Quick Rundown
This tournament only allows players with a global ranking of #30,000 to #70,000.
Participants may exceed this limit by 2,000 ranks upwards or downwards, as long as they fit the extended rank limit at time of registration. Participants must also fit the extended rank limit at the specified end of registrations. Exceeding it will result in a disqualification from the tournament. Anyone that has a tournament profile badge is prohibited from playing.
There are no other requirements, but we will prohibit "suspicious" people from joining the tournament.
It will be a 1v1, Team VS, single elimination, osu! standard tournament, for people from anywhere around the globe.
This will be a "as-many-as-we-can-get-because-I-will-let-everyone-play-no-matter-what" tournament, which means that as many people as we get, that's the amount of people playing.
The matches will be using Score V1.
This will be a very "rapid" tournament, as it will take only a few hours.
Joining the Discord channel at least for the duration of the tournament is mandatory, as any questions and the tournament itself will work through it.
How to sign up
Just write something on this topic and I'll add you to the list of registered players below, if you fit the set requirements.

Please note that I update the list every couple days, so if you're not on it immediately wait a day or two and then check again.

Brackets will change 10 minutes before tournament starts

18.5.2020 Start of registration
29.5.2020 22:00 UTC End of registration
14:50 UTC Bracket shuffle
15:00 Start of the tournament
15:30 Round 2
16:00 Round 3
16:30 Quarterfinals
17:00 Semifinals
17:30 3rd place match
After 3rd place match Finals

All matches are BO3 (first to 2), except 3rd place and Finals; they are BO5 (first to 3).
Referees will be present from quarterfinals onward.
Results will be posted in the Discord server in the #results channel.
The seeding for the matches will be random and finalized 10 minutes before the start.
The game mode is Team VS, 1v1, Score V1.
Failing the map equals a round loss.
Losing the match equals you being knocked out, as the tournament is a single elimination tournament.
There are no warmups in the match, to keep to the alloted time.
In the tiebreaker you can use a mod, but you can keep it without a mod as well.
Eligible mods are: Easy, Flashlight, Hard Rock and Hidden.
All mod multipliers remain unchanged.

1. One of the players creates the room and invites the other one
2. !roll for points
3. Loser of !roll bans first map
4. Winner of !roll bans second map
5. Winner of !roll picks first map
6. Loser of !roll picks second map
7. If the result is 1 - 1, the Tiebreaker is played
8. After the match is done, post the MP link in #results

Hey. Freemod sucks. We're trying something different. Feedback is appreciated.

No Mod
lapix - Horizon Blue feat. Kanata.N [Reform's Insane] | b/2062581 ; picked by Redavor
Teminite - Ascent [Another] | b/2288176 ; picked by Lefafel
t+pazolite - QLWA [Insane] | b/1670008 ; picked by Lefafel

3L - Spring of Dreams [Lunatic] | b/1559749 ; picked by Lefafel
hitorie - One Me Two Hearts [Impwari's Insane] | b/2278423 ; picked by Lefafel

Hard Rock
PUP - Mabu [Collab Insane] | b/1609988 ; picked by Lefafel
xi - ANiMA [Insane] | b/949233 ; picked by Lefafel

Double Time
NEGOTO - Charon [Aeril's Hard] | b/2359941 ; picked by Lefafel
Neon Hitch - Fuck U Betta (Nightcore Mix) [Collab] | b/571925 ; picked by Lefafel

Demetori - Yuuga ni Sakase, Sumizome no Sakura ~ Border of Life [Extra Stage Collab] | b/660698 ; picked by Redavor

I am gonna do thissssss!
no freemod im in
we are :crab:
I'M IN, LET'S GO!!! wait a second...
eh, fuck it, I'm going to get trashed anyway
tourney fodder time
I like these changes.
[ Yui ]
rmot is back, yessir
Vexun Choronus
I'm in.
Gonna do my best to win this.
Pašta, šunka in salama,
to ma rada moja mama.
You Watanabe
Anyone who reads my comment please read our discord rules and announcements!!!! I'm also signing up to play <3
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