[Archived] Song Skin Not Displaying on Spectate?

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I was spectating a friend of mine, and I noticed that the score looked funny (not hack funny). For whatever reason anytime one of the digits was a 5 or a 0, it reverted to using my skin for that element (as if the digits weren't in the song's folder). It also does this for the dot and % sign in the accuracy (Not sure about the x in the combo display, was spectating Taiko mode).

I'd like to point out a couple things.

1. The beatmap has every skin element that came with it, and they are unmodified.
2. When I actually play the map, it displays like normal. This issue only happened upon spectating.
3. The beatmap doing this is this: http://osu.ppy.sh/s/39043

Image of this happening: http://puu.sh/1u1uF
Video of this happening: http://youtu.be/OZZt08ec9Yo

This happen for anyone else? Or am I just that unlucky one.
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Something similar happens if you delete/rename your skin folder after a song (that should use your custom skin) starts and before the initial break of the song (it replaces the mentioned skins elements with the default skin instead of the own skin. The sliderpoints and numbers in the hitcircles also glitch this way,and some skins elements that aren't critical to gameplay. The skins elements that glitch are the ones that aren't pre-loaded from the HDD (or whatever storage device you have the game folder on) when the song starts). Maybe this is related somehow. It seems your song folder became partially inaccessible between the moment you loaded it and the moment the player hit the first circle? Or there is a new bug in the new build that doesn't allow skins elements to be loaded correctly in the middle of the song?

Can you check if this happens when using OpenGL (renderer, in the game menu you can change it)L too?
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