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Yahallo everyone
Im just a hard stuck 240k (even tho im 236k i dont feel i improved)
When i ask people how to improve they say "play more".
Well im doing just that.
I have 1924pp and 25k playcount(whick is way above people at my rank).
Im stuck at the same rank for 4 months and dont know what to do.
Contact me any time at discord(link at the profile) or in osu
Any help would help ty <3

-P.S. I really like this game but cant enjoy sh*t cause i just cant play anything
You're improving, your rank being the same is evidence of this
pp farm.
Molly Sandera
Widen your beatmap variety, will help you improve on the skills needed for getting good scores. And set goals for each map, each session and each month(s)[long term]
You literally just got a new top play.
You are improving, your graph proves it.

Dont try to compare urself with others, osu is a game about self improvement; as long as ur improving ur good.

But if you're really sad about your pp, just do what everyone else is doing, play farm maps. Just make sure to also focus on other maps so you dont halt your progress just to farm pp.

EDIT: Also when people tell you to ''play more'' thats because thats kinda all there is to it.
a) Your rank is still going up

b) staying at the same rank is improvement (you need to average like 50pp / month to stay where you are)
pls enjoy game
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