Who is your favourite youtuber?

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Gaming : RadBrad, PewDiePie
Touhou PV : reddevils500a, shikitohnorrsl
Art : MarkCrilley
Broadcast : Smosh

fartownik wrote:

New stuff: OneyNG, psychicpebbles, HarryPartridge, DasBoSchitt, HowToBasic
Basically this. I love you, farto.
there's also kitty0706 for me, too, though
thesw1tcher, cr1tikal, game grumps, cry/chaoticmonki, themostpopulargirls, vgperson, kyarrilkara, W8A8W
retsupurae, ChipCheezum, Cr1tikal, Game Grumps, BirgirPall, ChaoticMonki.
Let's see
5 Second Films - I check them out every weekday and yes they all are 5 seconds
VSauce - Great channel that asks the most random questions about our life. It takes those random questions you asked yourself overtime (even things like "What would happen if we were born in space?) and try to answer them.
Epic Rap Battles of History - One of the few Raps I listen to
The Philip DeFranco Show - It's a tl;dr of reddit for the day. With some opinions and US politics
TomSka - Great commedian, love all of his work
Google - Cause I love Google and Google has great videos
Minute Physics - So great in so many ways, I love these guys

I could go on but I think that's good for now
C.G.P. Grey - Not only his videos are great, but he has some awesome playlists of his favorite youtube videos

Vlog Brothers - DFTBA. Blog is their main thing, but they also work on other videos like Crash Course, SciShow and mental_floss. They do have a gaming channel, but I didn't like it.

Minute Physics - You all know this guy

zefrank1 - Surprisingly entertaining. You'll just have to try it yourself.

Extra Credits - Talks about what makes a good game. They'll pick a topic that is game related and it's about 10 minutes long.

Katsuode - Makes videos of rhythm game music mixes. That is all.

Husky SC and Dota Cinema JoinDota for match videos.

Oh and also Vice when I want to feel sick.

Jarby wrote:

I like ashens.

Mukku wrote:

You're hating a person because of his fans? You're not directing hate towards a person for what he is, but for what his fans are?

Maybe it's just me, but somehow that just seems stupid.
I hate his idiotic fanbase because they act like this:

also sorry for double posting :(
Old TotalBiscuit stuff was amazing ^^ Unfortunately the quality's deteriorated nowadays..
I guess I'll make an official list

TomSka - Yes, he's a really funny guy with great hair. I enjoy his work.

SirTapTap - Not many people know him, but I think he's calm and down to earth, and he makes me smile with his sarcastic behavior.

Cryaotic - Yes, he has a sweet voice. He also makes me a little more emotionally connected to some games because of the way he acts about them, which I like.

ed atlin - I don't know if many people realize how much planning he puts into this facade of his. He's actually quite humorous.

MasterYogi (Octopimp) HOMESTUUUUUCK. Also, the variety of things he can do with his voice is astounding, in my opinion.

HowToBasic - You all know him, you all love him

Game Grumps - Love these guys. So hilarious.

purpleeyeswtf - None Piece is about the best thing anyone has ever made ever.

And a bunch of other animators from Newgrounds that made youtube channels.
I like wowcrendor & Jesse Cox (OMFGCATA). Especially when they do things together~
Hm, let's see

Smooth McGroove - His voice is just amazing. I can't wait for his next cover.

Smosh - Pure hilarity. Every time.

Hat Films - Three British guys fumbling about in video games. They are just....amazingly awesome.
Blue Stig
If you're not familiar with retsupurae here's a vid that explains everything.

Go search on redyoutube"MarkipillerGAME"
you'll know why.. 8)
Dizztah - Kickass gmod videos
Corridor Digital - Kickass real-life videos with CGIs and visual effects
Smosh - Kickass farce videos with anime references
freddiew - Corridor Digital on steroids
...for now
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