De Hofnar - Zonnestraal (MOEWE Remix)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 19 октября 2020 г. at 23:12:46

Artist: De Hofnar
Title: Zonnestraal (MOEWE Remix)
Tags: shrek playing saxophone shreksophone dance meme deep house edm chillwave electronic english crosswalk records wajinshu
BPM: 125
Filesize: 10437kb
Play Time: 05:29
Difficulties Available:
  1. The Sunbeam is Rising Over The Swamp (5,19 stars, 988 notes)

Download: De Hofnar - Zonnestraal (MOEWE Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Hitsounds by wajinshu

Artist: De Hofnar
Title: Zonnestraal (MOEWE Remix)
100% ready! Now Hitsounding...
UPD 13.05.2020: Kiai keysounding done, applied some mods
UPD: 14.05.2020: Remap of the 1/3 part, fixed some overlaps, applied some mods
UPD: 15.05.2020: applied a lot of mods
UPD: 21.05.2020: remapped beginning parts
UPD: 22.05.2020: Done shitsounding(common hitsounding) and applied some mods
UPD: 23.05.2020: A bit of mods, and fixing Mapset verifier errors
f**k editor bugs
UPD: 07.06.2020: New Hitsounds by wajinshu
UPD: 23.06.2020: updated tags
UPD: 30.07.2020: Remapped the part from 01:14:892 - to 01:30:252
UPD: 24.09.2020: Mapped to 5min drain time (00:00:012 to 00:20:652, 01:30:252 to 01:45:132 and 05:20:652 to 05:29:772) + hitsounding by wajinshu
UPD: 05.10.2020: fixed intro volumes
UPD: 12.10.2020: Mods
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