(COMPLETED) Corne2Plum3 2020-04-29 [STD]

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This is my 2nd skin i've made (I'm bad with skin naming...). This is a simple skin no themed (0% weeb), all elements are in @2x for better quality in large screens. Work in all screen sizes. There is animated elements because it's cool :) I hope you will like it and this skin help you to get PP. Work with STD mode.

  1. SKIP button
  2. hit50 and hit100
  3. The circle which appear around the sliderball
  4. BACK button
  1. Print Clearly
  2. OCRB


If there is something you don't like in this skin, check the folder "Add-ons" in th skin floder. You can :
  1. Change the approach circle (2 styles).
  2. Change the cursor color (5 colors).
  3. Change the circle ("donut" by default or filled).
  4. Disable/enable animation of the in-game "50" and "100".
  5. Hide/display numbers in health bar.
  6. Change the color of the spinner and ranking panel (blue or pink).
  7. Change the music when you died (2 songs).

You can find the skin here in .osk (56.9 MB) :
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