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Nokia 5230 - almost the same as nokia 5800 but without wi-fi. It sucks so badly, everything is lagging even main menu. The only good thing is that there is full functional skype and multi task, and opera mobile which i use right now
just upgraded my phone from a motorola defy to the sony xperia z,loving it so far,it never gets hot because you can 'watercool' it if it does
Sony Xperia SL

Pretty decent for its price

I also love its design

feel like its more unique than normal smartphones
Samsung Galaxy SII, the older one. But I'm gonna get a new one in a few months.
I'm use nokia 3310
and Wellcom 1160 xD

Because I Love and I can't destory nokia 3310 xD. I'll use It xD
Bump, because I can~

Horray for $20 trackfone~
idgaf about date.
Google Nexus 4 ^_^
Used to have a galaxy S2 but it's dead it can't anymore read SIM cards because it lost his IMEI number... So now I'm using an Samsung galaxy S5620 MONTE :\
I'm planning to buy an Iphone in a few time if I can, so I could enjoy osu!stream °°"
Galaxy note 2 . And it's surprisingly not as big as I thought ...
Nokia X2
I wanted a better phone
Chie Satonaka
Sony Ericsson U10i
Nokia Lumia 800 don't buy that.
I would like to throw it out of the window because Windows 8 ;n;

Arnold0 wrote:

Used to have a galaxy S2 but it's dead it can't anymore read SIM cards because it lost his IMEI number...
How is this possible? I mean, how can a phone lose its own personal ID number? It's written inside the phone and in the phone kernel o_o
Used to have a Black LG Rumor. It was really nice. Small and light too - though at first, I was dumb enough to keep it in the same pocket as my keys and it scratched the screen up. I really didn't have much of an issue with it for being cheap. I did, however, have an issue with Bell (my phone service provider at the time). It worked fine when I was in high school, but the town I went to university didn't like to cooperate with Bell at all so I could be outside have one or two bars of connection and nothing inside most times.
Switched to a black iPhone 4 a few years later (back before the 4S came out) and I still have it. I'm very happy with it. =)

...that post ended longer than I thought it would.
Nokia N8
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I've been having my Nokia C2-01 1 year, and i am not looking for something new.
I am satisfied with it.
Why you guys have to have the newest ones,the strongest ones, th e most popular ones?
You think a phone can make you a better person, or ?
I have blackberry and xpreria...but rarely touch them...
269872c7 add please~
some nokia n.gage qd
that has been with me for over 5 years

but for primary use i have the blackberry gemini
Old type LG, it only can do message and phone function.
The only game in that phone is sudoku =w=
Nokia Lumia 920. Am I alone?
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