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Yousei Teikoku - Kuraki Sekai no Doukoku

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I hoped this wasn't part of the april fools :c
Rizumu Tenshi

Jordan wrote:

I hoped this wasn't part of the april fools :c
It is an April Fools prank, look now, pending and graveyarded again
Oh, I MISSED IT?!?! Oh crap dat school, I miss almost 86% of the good stuff just because of school, including this map's approval... I'm just so unlucky :cry:
wow it's finally revived *w*
[ Riki-dere ]

Sadly, does someway not work for me :(
Topic Starter
Yeah, I updated it when the BSS had some trouble

(should be fixed now)
Rizumu Tenshi
Something quick:

Here's a finish that should sound better than the one you're using, for the normal hitsounds--if it sounds better, I have no idea about the kudosu
That's all.
Oh, for the love of god, finish insanity. Let us baddies enjoy this map.
Alright, Kantan finished. Everything is set:

Pheon wil check it soon.
Random Taiko mod


Filesize of the mapset goes above 24 MB so you might wanna consider changing this if possible @ Saten


00:24:303 (2,1) - Maybe swap these around?

00:32:178 (1,2,3) - 00:33:678 (1,2,3) - 00:35:178 (1,2,3) - 00:36:678 (1,2,3) - Maybe make these patterns look like this

00:45:678 (9) - Maybe move this back one beat?

00:55:053 (1) - This note seems a bit unnecessary in my opinion, but you can keep it if you wish

01:05:928 (2) - ^

01:10:990 (2) - ^

01:11:928 (1) - Maybe move this back one beat too?

01:43:803 (2,1) - Swap these around maybe?


00:15:115 (2) - Maybe remove this note?

00:18:865 (2,1) - ^

00:24:865 (2,1) - ^

00:32:740 - 00:35:740 - Maybe add notes here to keep the structure?

00:31:428 (1) - 00:32:928 (1) - 00:34:428 (1) - 00:35:928 (1) - Remove these, maybe?

00:57:865 (9) - ^

01:02:928 (2,3,1,2) - Remove 3 and the second 2 to accompany for the 1/2 note pattern just after, since this is a Futsuu, and this song is apparently 320 BPM.

01:06:865 (2) - Maybe remove this?

01:38:365 (2) - ^

01:44:365 (2,1,2,1) - Remove the 2s in this pattern?


00:10:240 (15) - Maybe remove this?

00:44:365 (2) - Maybe change this to a don?


00:36:678 (1,1,1,1,2) - Maybe make the patterns go something like this

00:44:365 (3) - Maybe make this a don?

00:48:678 (10,11) - Maybe make these two dons?

00:53:928 (8,9,10) - Maybe make these three kats?

Apologies for the short mod, just trying to give some advice I guess.
Please for the love of god ungrave this soon because this is like a great map

Three stars to support you :3 (when this gets ungraved)

lel i made a doublepost
wow this map is insane fast..... still love it though awesome :)
How to map stream part? ;~;
Topic Starter

Kurapika wrote:


NovaMoon wrote:

RIP Difficulties :(
not RIP, I just divided it

Xytox wrote:

How to map stream part? ;~;
pls I need your halp
Hunter Howl
Y U Divide the Short Version? OAO

please make the Hard Diff of this song ;w;
Kaguya Hourain

Saten wrote:

Xytox wrote:

How to map stream part? ;~;
pls I need your halp
I think the first version of The Dark World's Lament really fit actually, although it was ridiculously hard.
Still, the map itself is ridiculously hard so :D
Saten is love
Saten is life
Saten is love live


10 rating star b4 rank, wow
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