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Sorry if duplicate but the search on this site never works for me.

I just think it'd be better if rather than forcing you to not hit beats (The flashing ones, can't get lucky enough to screenshot them) it would change to something closer to Taiko's method where beats start 100% opacity at the top then completely fade perhaps 1/2, 2/3 of the way down. Personal preference I know but the idea of having to not hit a beat in a rythm game seems completely counter intuitive to me.
mhm I like the mines, it is kinda tricky not to hit them and this idea exist also in others rhytm games ( ITG / Stepmania ). But I dislike as well the current gameplay. Just set notes a bit transparent and call it then "hidden". I think you mean something like this ? That would be a way more funnier than the current mode.
Notice how hidden gives you 0.00x more to your score? It hasn't been fully implemented yet, just like all the other mods. (Except DT I think.)
The idea of 'mines' or whatever they're supposed to be, angers me a lot. It's not a fun mechanic in the slightest, IMO, and actually does a lot to ruin the flow of the song. Here's what I think, though I think I'll be happy with really anything else that is implemented for hidden.

Hidden should make the notes disappear or fade out of visibility at X milliseconds before hitting the judgement line, similarly to Taiko.

In conjunction with that I think it makes sense to adjust the visible area with flashlight mod enabled, based on fall speed + song bpm - as it is now, the difficulty in the FL mod is negated by simply reducing your speed. I think it's also better to make judgments (300, 200, etc) visible with flashlight on.
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