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Itou Kanae - Puzzle (TV Size) [Osu|Taiko]

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Chewin wrote:

~Taiko Fuutsu~

  1. Snap correctly the elements of the map, there are so much unsnapped elements here.
    I have snapped them and have modded the map with the right circle offsets. Snap them before to check the mod.
  2. 00:03:781 (2,1) - d k sound better. Moreover, you should to add a circle on 00:04:081(don). It sounds much better :3 fixed
  3. 00:10:681 (4) - Big d fixed
  4. 01:16:691 (x) - Add don? The sound looks empty here, and it's bad to play only a circle placed on a red line (01:16:381 (1)) for a fuutsu IMO. d k is really good, instead.01:16:691 add a d ; 01:16:381 (1)change to d

~Yia's Taiko Muzukashii~

  1. Unsnapped elements, snap them all here too.
  2. 00:49:681 (12,1) - k d fixed
  3. 00:55:381 (2,3,1) - d k d fixed
  4. 00:59:281 (4,1) - k d fixed
  5. 01:04:981 (2,3,1) - same of 00:55:381 (2,3,1) fixed
Thanks Chewin's mod
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Chewin wrote:

Hi there, mod from my m4m queue


  1. There is inconsistency in Tags, check it k
  2. I think the second redline (offset: 00:44:291) is not needed. It's too late (you can notice it just listening the circle 00:45:191 (2) in the normal diff), and the first redline fits nice there too. You don't need to add an other one, then remove it. (Don't forget to resnap all elements and green lines after timing changes) okay D:


  1. 00:03:181 (4) - What about to change this circle with an 1/2 slider? Slider that starts here till the next downbeat (It's always good to put something on downbeats in the easiest diff of the mapset) It's ok to me since the music has only sound at red tick.
  2. 00:08:881 (4) - I'd use new combo on this slider according to whistle hitsounds k
  3. 00:53:891 (1,3) - These 2 sliders needs to be improved, you should make them symmetric and more flowing: oh great :3

  4. 01:10:691 (3) - Why new combo here? I think it's useless since the vocal is still the same k
  5. 01:19:991 (3) - Read above about 00:03:181 (4) :3


  1. 00:29:881 (1,2) - I'd switch new combo to keep symmetry with 00:27:481 (1,2) (circle-slider to slider-circle on the same combo) Well the downbeat started and I think it should be nc :\
  2. 00:37:081 (7) - New combo here, you need to add it k
  3. 00:43:081 (6) - This slider needs to be moved 1 grid down, to keep symmetry with 00:41:881 (4) and to improve blanket with 00:42:781 (5) k


  1. 00:05:581 (6,7,1) - I don't like how this pattern flows, to be honest. What about to make this part in this way? It's more flowing and enjoyable to play: great <3

  2. 00:23:581 (4) - I don't like how this whistle sounds honestly. I'd remove it k
  3. 01:09:491 (4) - Why whistle on this slider body? Remove it, it sounds bad and you didn't use it on previous sliders bodies :\ k
  4. 01:18:791 (3,4) - ^ k

Good mapset.
You can call me back for a recheck
OwO Thanks proChewin !

Flask wrote:

Chewin wrote:

  1. 00:03:181 (4) - What about to change this circle with an 1/2 slider? Slider that starts here till the next downbeat (It's always good to put something on downbeats in the easiest diff of the mapset) It's ok to me since the music has only sound at red tick.
  1. Well, you should add circle on 00:03:781 because of that sound, also because the timeline from 00:03:181 (4) till 00:04:081 (5) is too empty, and it could confuse novice players. Adding a circle there would fix this issue.


  1. It may sound nazi but 00:43:081 (6) move 1 grid left, please. It is still asymmetric, and it's bad.

Fix those and I will bubble.
Topic Starter
All fixed \o/
Fixed some stuff in the Normal via IRC.

Bubbled ~


  1. I've got a offset: 1085 (actually +4 from yours), change it only if you agree with it


  1. 01:20:881 (2,3) - I feel the rhythm here sounds a little odd, try use note at 01:20:881, then a slider during 01:21:181 - 01:21:781. It fits music more imo

let me know when you have reply
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~ 全修了
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Set the tickrate to 1 on every osu! standard diff! There are not enough beats to represent all the slidderticks. (Especially on easy.)

[Yia's Taiko Muzukashii]
00:10:685 (4) - Finisher? I an hear it in the music.
00:44:285 (1) - ^
00:58:685 (2) - ^
01:13:085 (3) - ^
01:15:485 (1) - ^

You should always try and represent the finishers! It gives a better feel to the music and makes the map more interesting.

[Taiko Futsuu]
00:59:285 (1) - Remove this finisher. There is no finisher beat in the music so it makes no sense really.
01:13:085 (11) - Add a finisher?
01:15:485 (1) - ^

Change the things in red and I will rank.
Topic Starter
Fix tick rates to 1, now waiting for Taiko diffs.
Taiko two diffs'd fixed
Accepted all the suggestion
Thanks MMzz's mod
i mean 1st

Flask 大神触 O///O
gratz flask (:
恭喜 Flask醬,小亞醬 >w<!
咱也好想... (淚奔
Flask pro!
Topic Starter
Thanks everyone -w- <3
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