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New player here! Any tips here in playing mouse and keyboard? and i heard alternating are somewhat popular.
IM AN ABSOLUTE NOOB, i want friends :(

any tips for beginners? I absolutely suck right now and my arm cramps after playing long sessions
hi !
tip: play more
tip 2: dont harm yourself when y0u fail
hi! you don't need a tablet to play really so you can stick to mouse but you can switch over if you prefer.
you should start trying to alternate either fully or partially incorporating it into your singletapping style. its going to help you a lot and open up more of your potential. less tiring then just single tapping and will help as you progress into faster maps.
Hello HyperstormX, play style is all personal preference. Whatever you feel that you think is better should be considered when playing. It's important to know the mechanics of the game first rather than jumping straight into it. As 3D_Rob said, don't push yourself too far when playing as this game takes a toll mentally and physically. I'm trying not to scare you but take precautions if you want to keep playing this game.

Some tips:
- Start easy. It's better to start small, then grow if you feel your not making enough progress.
- Fiddle with in-game settings. Everything about this game is personal preference. You don't have to use Z and X to press the notes as you can also play with mouse only or other related instruments. Higher the sensitivity if you have to, it's all up to you.
- Get in the right mindset of playing. Listen to the map first before playing, feel the map into the palms of your hands and ride with the beat. Feel the BPM, drive with the wheels as water would flow down a waterfall.

Welcome to the game.

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