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While the last few bundles of achievements (or medals, whatever you prefer to call them) which have been added into the game have been pretty good and actually challenging, I still feel like there is almost no incentive to do them. When it comes to other platforms/games such as steam games - achievements hunters are much more common due to the fact that there are websites such as Astats which create leaderboards for them.

I think simply creating some kind of leaderboard would go a long way in making medals far more appealing.This could be a leaderboard with just the flat number of medals completed, or the medals could be weighted depending on how many people have completed them (in other words, their difficulty).

Another idea could be to give a title/badge to the first person to complete all the achievements (I'm almost 100% sure no one has done this yet, but please correct me if I'm wrong). I'm certain that a prize like this on its own would incentivize many people to aim for this goal, which would stimulate the number of people who care about medals greatly.

I believe lots of the hush hush medals are a really fun challenge and provide a different goal/a different way to play the game, which is why it makes me sad that almost everyone glosses over these medals like they don't exist.

I understand that this is a low priority change compared to all the other improvements osu could get, but I think that this would only require a small change to provide yet another way for people to enjoy clicking circles.
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