What are your osu! goals?

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Farm 5,000 pp....or actually be good at this game. Most likely the former though, being poor asian farmer is suffering.
being able to finish insanes beatmaps

VioletMaid wrote:

It isn't like any game ever. (i'm on board w/the unranked maps part though)

osu! is pure technical skill with almost no brain use whatsoever. It's the equivalent to a street fighter player practicing a combo in warm-up mode till he gets it right. No thinking whatsoever, no outsmarting opponents, just repetition and muscle memory. Just gets old. wtb some kind of randomly generated map competition mode with player interaction beyond score.
You could say that for nearly every single player game then.
Just a bit ago, my goal was to reach the first page for rankings in Canada, and have been a good bit now.
Realistically, in short term... I'm aiming to reach in the top 10 in Canada and get a three digit ranking overall ^u^

Somewhat long term goals...
  1. Consistently play val0108 maps(or any hard insanes for that matter) with HR and HD
  2. Consistently string large number combos each play
  3. Read weird patterns (which probably will come with experience from playing more I guess?)
  4. Slider-break less
  5. Accurately do huge jumps with out breaking a combo.

Somewhat out of sight for now... take a number one from Cookiezi. One can only wish lol.
Wish that one day I would be able to get a pass with at least 95% accuracy on FREEDOM DiVE [FOUR DIMENSIONS]. Now I wonder how much time and effort it would take... :(
New goal

Get a B on Joint Struggle

...aiming high!

Shiroame wrote:

Lol, I really suck at osu! so here are my modest goals:
- get a five-digit number as my global performance rank (Kinda almost there! I'm at 104k right now.)
- finish an insane level map (Nope.)
- finish a song with all of the hard mods on (LOLOL, I tried. I can do Hard Rock + Double Time.)
- map at least one of my favorite jams (Mapping a song for the first time right now. Really tough work but fun.)
- get in the top 100 for a map (A noob can always dream right?)

XD Yay, hopefully I'll be able to achieve those goals.
-Yeah insane maps are pretty tough, took me a couple months to even pass one xp
-My most used mods are HD and HR, and I utterly fail with Flashlight DX
-I tried mapping a song once and got so confused on what to do XD
To stop playing.

boat wrote:

To stop playing.
how original
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kriers wrote:

boat wrote:

To stop playing.
how original
At least he's aiming high.
Learn to stream properly, I can't keep my combo up in streams too well...
Long term: Stop being bad and learn to single tap fast maps.

Short term: #50+ pp Sweden.
how to map
Currently it's finishing mapping this damn map (including hitsounding and storyboarding) so I can upload it and be cool.
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CXu has the best goals in osu
Martinawa Hatsuhi
Have fun

Silynn wrote:

CXu has the best goals in osu
Getting top 1,000 pp, getting my keyboard hand to actually be fast/coordinated (anything above 200 bpm fucks me like a black guy)
I want to get Score Rank 1 within this year :!:
I want to be a top hd/hr player. I gave up every other mod and have been playing 100% only hd/hr no exceptions. It's working. I didn't know I was capable of doing some of the maps I've done, and now I am very motivated to see how far I can push.
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