What are your osu! goals?

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Silynn wrote:

zhurai wrote:

Hm, I'm bad, but I have really long term goals.....................eventually :|

- beat as many maps as possible (or at least pass)
- get at least within ... top 20,000 osu players? T_T.. without fluctuating as much as I am currently...
- able to read 150BPM+ insanes+ =.= (at least up to 200-220BPM insanes :|) -- with dt/hr if able.
- read AR8+ for insanes (with stuff all over the screen or so)... ? idk
- maybe get into beatmap making
- get into taiko/ctb/osu!mania later? idk

@@ lol....
Nice goals! ;> it's good to have something to aim for lol

it definitely helps you get there if you're trying ><
only problem probably would be the fact that somehow I tried (but failed) to do the mouse+keyboard combo...

... actually more like I (have to) use the keyboard for streams and stuff, but everything else (especially when the AR is fast) I have to use the mouse keys to do it... so basically I'm basically a bad single key mouse user.... with the exception that I do streams with keyboard.....
... (and spinners, since I have a feeling I can go quicker with just holding down a keyboard button)...

*_* I've tried to do keyboard for normal beats+sliders, and apparently I can only do it on easy (maybe normal), but if it's too quick I neeeeeeeeed to use the mouse. tt basically. I'm stupid lolI'mbad

/lol end rant
I want to be in top100 in pp ( Looong term goal ._. )

For now, I want to be able to play with HR/DT on various insanes maps
And recently I realized I could singletap 260bpm and barely play at OD9 with a good acc, made me happy :3

A not-so-long time ago, I just tried to pass some insanes with 90% acc, I improved a lot in 3 months n.n
Get to lvl. 100 and then quit playing osu!standard.
#1 in pp, and to become the best player ever.
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thelewa wrote:

#1 in pp, and to become the best player ever.
A humble goal.
stay rank 1 of Thailand ever but I seem to be beaten by one mouse player guy soon.

My goal is actually done ^^ , now im using osu! as internet chat /o/
kaniel outis
Level 101 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
To have enough understanding of the game to make a decent beatmap :D
Goal: None, I only play for fun and wasting my time
Everlasting Goal: S on t+pazolite - Do I Smile? [Firce Force]
Yeah, it might sound stupid, but in the end, I want to become just as pro as possible. As long as I have fun playing this game, I will try to improve until I am the best german player, and maybe the best player in the world.

That might take forever since I'm not even close to being good yet, I know, and maybe it will never happen, because other players improve as well and I can't beat them and maybe I get bored of osu!, but right now that would be my final goal for this game.

Aside from that, I'm reaching small goals everyday, like passing super hard maps or getting better acc on such, or finally FCing maps i didn't FC before..
When I started playing osu! my goal was to be #1 in Germany's score ranking (CtB) Got that on 04/01/2012.

Since then... well. There have been many, many goals I've achieved now.

- FC (SS) several maps on the hardest difficulty:
Corrosion, Accelerator, Golden Sun, Bomb Jack, Sentiment, Shockwave and many more. It's too hard to remember them all, but I've written them down somewhere.

These are the ones I've done.

What's left:
- SS Sentiment. That S really is annoying. :|
- FC Pulse.
- FC Solar.
- FC Almagest (which will never happen).
- FC Koisuru*Uchuu Sensou!!.
- FC Magic Girl.
- FC Bloody Night.
- FC Pokaz jak sie krecisz.
- Get to Lv101.
Many more.

Other stuff I did:
- Be top 100 in PP (so far up to #78. :|)
- Have 5000+ PP (Max: 5080)
- Beat #1 in PP once in multi (=D)

Because score doesn't matter anymore, my goal to be #1 in score overall vanished. Yeah.
Get bored and quit.
lewa and darkmiz have the best goals also history shows that they come together

when I started this game all I cared about was having fun and just wanted to play fun maps. when checking the mappers who made them I saw that (almost) all of the mappers who make the most fun maps are also very good players themselves, so this kinda motivated me to improve - because I also want to make fun maps and contribute my own part to osu's fun map pool. the final goal is to become a famous mapper and see people hosting my maps in random multiplayer room woooo gonna take forever with how ranking works in this game
I normally just make very short term goals so I have something to aim for that session. The closest to a long term goal is to get the two Dedication achievements I don't have... which will eventually just happen, but it does mean that I have been playing more Taiko lately to keep building up those hits.
Pass airman within this month. After a month of playing I was able to pass homework crisis which was also one of my goals.

My end goal is to have near-perfect cursor movement just like auto play. Slowly adjusting my tablet area everyday until I can finally use full area.

jesus1412 wrote:


fixed it for you.
my goal is to be in the top3 of skill in nl (not pp, skill)
currently about rank 9-10 i think
Grats Silynn!

Some of my goals are

- 5000+ pp
- unlock all achievements
- 50/30/20 % Ranks ratio
- Make a popular Map

I'll hopefully get back to playing when winter break starts... School sucks.

silmarilen wrote:

my goal is to be in the top3 of skill in nl (not pp, skill)
currently about rank 9-10 i think
better than at least happysticks or laport? those guys are pro like hell.

good luck with that.
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