Whats the furthest away you can go playing with mouse and how do you know when you got to the limit?

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Im getting a graphic tablet for christmas. Until then i will have to play with mouse, how far can i go?
How it is with mouse? Only mouse or with keyboard?
Also I think it's kinda bad idea playing with graphic tablet from start of the game.
If you want to know how far you can go with mouse, look at Ayla (ukrainian one), then you can understand.
But playing with graphic tablet better from 100k I think.
You can get very far no matter what you use. You just need to have skills and be used to the thing you play with. Yeah it's not bad to try new things and get out of your comfort zone but it's not necessary to use a new device in order to get higher scores
There is no limit with mouse. If anything, as a mouse player, I'd say it's probably better than having to relearn on a tablet. Though maybe tablet is better for you. I guess we'll see around Christmas.
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