fripSide - only my railgun (TV Size) [OsuMania]

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then my second
got a floor
4th with a star
yeaaaa cool chart :)
Cool. I may try this when I get my iidx controller to work :)
Nice :P
Really fun map. Great patterns. I hope you make more mania maps.
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Updated 4 keys, enjoy crashing keyboard :D

Please re-download the map.
Some opinions for this map:

I mostly played the MX difficulties and find some issues.
Firstly, in 7K MX, the note sound is very strange, and it makes the sound of the music really weird :(
Secondly, there are a large number of notes which is really, really hard to identify its position in music. and these note styles is only presented once in the song( like 10s). ( and many places after that). That is very strange for players: the same rhythm types but only one part is very hard, after the hard period there are many easy things. My opinion is that the whole song is better if the difficulty of the song in most times are stable, and "one-second kill" should not be used so often.
Thirdly, in the MX difficulty there are a great deal of streams that players need to press the same note at 1/16 speed. For increasing the difficulty of the some it is OK, but there may be some other method to increase the difficulty. like in 7Key MX, after nearly 55s, players are mostly playing the drum hits with repeated 1/16 streams. It is boring, actually there are more elements which can be inserted into the song ( including drum hits itself! There are 2 styles of drum hits for 1/4s and 1/16s). If you can try making more elements implemented into the song, it's a great plus :)
Fourthly, In both MX difficulties continuous sliders are used in the middle of the song( e.g. 47s) . I didn't find enough clues about whether these sliders are for. If these sliders are only for increasing difficulties, my suggestion is to change these notes to double or triple notes.
Fifthly, there is a "one-second kill" in 30s and another place later than that. The style is beautiful, though the last five notes directly after the slider ends is hard to find its location in music. ( The sliders' end is on music.) You may try to fix a little on these notes :)

Anyway, great work :)
The sound seems not matching the music...
You are crazy, really crazy.

Osu needs more people like you <33333 Really thanks for this map <33
I just love how you arranged the sounds in there, I had fun making music while there were no notes with the sounds you added. I haven't played all difficulties yet, but i'm gonna to. Great map.
Btw keep making more mania maps, converted maps are good but there's no comparision.
Cool~ <3
maybe add "TV Size" to the title?
I admire your work.
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