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Meoshi AKA Otakie
Hello peeps, I've been a part of osu for 2 years now but I've never bothered to jump on the forums here.
Just recently became an osu! supporter and i am not regretting it.
SO yeah just wanted to say hi!
Welcome to the forums there, Otakie.
osu! direct turned me into an addict, I wouldn't be able to live without it now, or rather I refuse to ohoho~ Oh and welcome and shit I guess. What is your favorite applesauce?
Care to donate some supporter? Lol jk, welcome!
Welcome to the forums.
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Meoshi AKA Otakie
Thanks for the warm welcome, And my fav applesauce is applesauce with a side of applesauce.
-Aoba Seragaki-
My favorite is apple sauce with a side of apple sauce too! ^ Yeah~ I really wanna use Alt codes.. But Osu forums does not allow it. QQ
Despite that fact, Welcome
Halloww ~
Welcome to the forums ~
That means you're an old user

Welcome to Osu! forums :D
Tenjou Utena
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