meganeko - 2k9 battle jam [CatchTheBeat]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 13 March 2020 at 20:22:57

Artist: meganeko
Title: 2k9 battle jam
Tags: magic bomb space electronic instrumental jbhyperion jbh boy irl girl url chiptune chipstep 8bit 8-bit sweden 2009
BPM: 120
Filesize: 6367kb
Play Time: 02:44
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cup (1.81 stars, 421 notes)
  2. Hyperion's Rain (3.8 stars, 565 notes)
  3. Overdose (5.37 stars, 806 notes)
  4. Platter (3.03 stars, 525 notes)
  5. Salad (2.35 stars, 479 notes)

Download: meganeko - 2k9 battle jam
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
MBomb having any mapping motivation in 2020 LUL

Cool artist that Wild showed JBH who showed me who subsequently showed Wild, who said he showed JBH, who showed me, so there was no need for me to show him, since he was the one who showed JBH, who'd showed me. I think Wild has spoken to the artist before which is why he's forcing me to map a song, but this song is pretty cool anyway.

High density gimmick was used on lower difficulties, since I feel using a higher density than usual nicely matches a "battle"'s intensity, so I thought it was a cool thing to do with this song. Thanks to JBHyperion for the Rain, and the hitsounds.
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