Tamura Naomi - Yuzurenai Negai (TV Size)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020年5月23日 at 上午 12:06:39

Artist: Tamura Naomi
Title: Yuzurenai Negai (TV Size)
Source: 魔法騎士レイアース
Tags: Magic Knight Rayearth Mahou Kishi Nakayoshi CLAMP 獅堂光 Shidou Hikaru 龍咲海 Ryuuzaki Umi 鳳凰寺風 Hououji Fuu Japanese Anime Opening Op1 leo16834 -_Ex_- kanpakyin
BPM: 96
Filesize: 18832kb
Play Time: 01:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ex's Normal (2 stars, 131 notes)
  2. KPY's Easy (1.52 stars, 85 notes)
  3. leo16834's Hard (3 stars, 184 notes)
  4. Magic Knight (3.82 stars, 241 notes)

Download: Tamura Naomi - Yuzurenai Negai (TV Size)
Download: Tamura Naomi - Yuzurenai Negai (TV Size) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Easy 100% by kanpakyin
Normal 100% by - Ex -
Hard 100% by leo16834
Insane 100% me
Hitsounds 100% by me
Mp3/video edited 100% by me
Timing by Yugu and me

Thanks kpy for reminding this song from my the deep of brain :3c
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