Miyuna - ...Sugu Kite ne (Short Ver.)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020年3月15日 at 12:17:34

Artist: Miyuna
Title: ...Sugu Kite ne (Short Ver.)
Source: 金色ラブリッチェ -Golden Time-
Tags: galgame eroge 川田まみ 中沢伴行 ed ending sagaplanets visual novel video game japanese female vocals Mami Kawada Nakazawa Kin-iro Loveriche Mimari DreaM117er m1223961117 Shazumiii Never_Log_Off muziyami lp_blue KuBsNia_ZhoYL_
BPM: 164
Filesize: 5153kb
Play Time: 01:46
Difficulties Available:
  1. 117's Normal (2.08 stars, 219 notes)
  2. Insane (4.28 stars, 366 notes)
  3. Mimari's Promise (4.45 stars, 362 notes)
  4. Muz's Hard (3.03 stars, 266 notes)

Download: Miyuna - ...Sugu Kite ne (Short Ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


Thanks everyone who helped me in old mapset of this song <3

117's Normal by DreaM117er
Muz's Hard by Muziyami
Insane by me
Mimari's Promise by Mimari

Hitsound by me

Bg is from the game.

Previous <-- Ranked (2nd) --> Next

1st BN - neonat, 2nd BN - Yahuri

18/01/20 ready for mods
20/01/20 modded by NikaidouShinku
23/01/20 modded by Riana
25/01/20 modded by kanor
02/02/20 modded by Serizawa Haruki and Misure
09/02/20 modded by Firika
10/02/20 modded by Serizawa Haruki
13/02/20 modded by Serizawa Haruki
20/02/20 modded by Kawayi Rika
01/03/20 modded by Affirmation
05/03/20 modded by neonat
10/03/20 modded by neonat
11/03/20 modded by Yahuri
13/03/20 modded by Yahuri
14/03/20 modded by Yahuri
15/03/20 modded by neonat and Yahuri
17/03/20 Q!
24/03/20 R!
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