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*cat witnesses murder*

Murderer: “Take these Friskies, but you better not tell anyone.”

Cat: “I don’t think so; fool!”
The darker shades of pinkish lilac continue the war against the dirty lighter shades in the territory of Ashton's avatar. The time is 5:47 AM. The leader of the dark forces, Supreme Commander Miles, sits at his meeting desk and rubs his head.

Today's work is going nowhere. No progress - just like every other day. Damn the light forces and their wily ways! He slams his fist against the table of his desk; a rare display of emotion that shocks the high-ranking officers conferencing in his command room. A sign of weakness? A display put on for their benefit? Who can tell? Even within the dark forces, there are power vying for constant control; and political games that run deep - feints within feints within feints. Is he provoking them? Sending a message? Is he really so upset?

A young ambitious commander by the name of Alistar clears his throat; a signal he wants to speak. Heads turn. How brave of him! He plays a dangerous game, and they all know it. Speak too far out of line, and your head could end up rolling on the floor...
"Heh, is that all you have to say to me after wasting my time just to hear what you have to say?

Next time, don't get me upset and make me entertained well, or else ill be entertaining myself by playing with your head rolling down my carpet."
Tad Fibonacci
"I'm enjoying myself over here and you dare to disturb me with your petty little existence?"
"Just as planned"
"Where did muh nose go, pls gib bacc"
Goddamn I love being a Norwegian penguin.

Now gimmie some feesh
"Strange, but that's quite funny. Go on."
"Keep on rolling, keep on livin', just like the good old times"
'What in the living Hell are you doing?'
[Flower noises]
Pet me more, master <3
Alrighty, the camera is set. Haizz, here we go again. At least the payout is good
one day... you will experience my wrath... and you aren't gonna get out alive...
Hey man, do you have any drug on you?
"I'm pumped!"
Ain't nuthin' like ridin' a fine horse in new country.
-Agustus MacCrae
delicious organs
damn, my owner gives me so much food...
ah well... here we go again...
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