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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2020年10月19日 at 上午 12:23:16

Artist: TUYU
Title: Anoyo-iki no Bus ni Notte Saraba.
Tags: Tsuyu ぷす Pusu 礼衣 Rei あじゅん AzyuN おむたつ Omutatsu I'm getting on the bus to the another world see ya! farewell on that basu やっぱり雨は降るんだね It's Raining After All yappari ame wa ha furun da ne Track 06 Japanese Rock J-Rock Pop J-Pop
BPM: 240
Filesize: 5517kb
Play Time: 03:12
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard - 4Key (3.12 stars, 1824 notes)
  2. Last revenge - 4Key (4.15 stars, 2233 notes)
  3. Normal - 4Key (2.03 stars, 1102 notes)

Download: TUYU - Anoyo-iki no Bus ni Notte Saraba.
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

TUYU Part 1 > Part 2
Please support TUYU, they are the best ;w;

>5/24 start making HS
>5/25 HS finished
>5/26 fix some hitsound problems.
>5/27 fix some HS and NM diff problems AND Insane diff problems!
>5/28 normal recheck / insane check
>5/29 fixed some hard/normal problems qwq
>5/30 fixed hand balanced problem in Last revenge :> (And fixed some normal pattern)
>6/1 A little pattern changed in normal diff
>6/4 Fixed hard diff's problem.
>6/5 Hard diff's recheck.(Not finished)
>6/6 Change some pattern in top/hard diff
>6/8 Fixed some stupid mistakes (And add HS into all diff) ;w;
>6/10 Fixed HS problems ;w;
>6/11 hard check ;w;
>6/12 normal check and prepare to remake hard a little bit..
>6/13 normal/HS fixed.... Kill me please
>6/14 self hard (some pattern) remake
>6/17 Hard remake and fix some small mistakes ;w;
>6/22 (6/17 LUL)
>7/12 Fix one little inconsistent problem OWO
>7/26 FIx Rc problem in hard diff and some pattern changed
>7/29 Normal danger(?) pattern changed.
>8/1 Hitsound stuff
>8/12 Madoka's mod ;w; (top diff)
>8/15.16.17 tag/mp3 changed
>8/23 tag fixed
>9/15 HS fixed Kiai timing fixed (Sun's mod)
>9/17 All diff fix (Sun's mod) (Self mod)
>9/18 9/19 9/20 (Sun/Paran/Nabi/Self mod)
>9/26 (Sun's mod) (HS diff removed)
>10/1 Ping's stuff
>10/13 DH's mod
>10/17 irc MD's mod
>10/18 irc MD's mod (And change title to follow the video,and change it back ) (smh_
>10/19 sun's mod (Q)

Rank ? What ? Rank is dream? Isn't it?
Yes,it is.
Paran senpai / Touru0711 / ATing / Grecty489 / Chied34cO / Stelar / Yuiazu- / Youruru /
Thanks a lot.
If I didn't meet you guys, maybe I'll still put this in graveyard lul

用中文說一遍好了 雖然感覺沒人看的到 恩
對所有在我入坑 帶我打過圖 一起刷過PP 我剛開始做圖的時候被迫吃下垃圾圖的各位 謝謝你們
在我真正開始推圖後 也感謝老大和柴柴的一路幫助啦.. 感覺真的有點對不起 因為我還是很爛 而且幾乎都是你們單方面的幫助
總而言之 感激不盡 (我真的不擅長把想講出來的話用打字的方式呈現

Sorry can't speak korean,but.. yeah.
Thank you.Paran senpai.
You are the most patient mapper/modder I have ever meet. Thanks for answer my question and testplay for me.
I think I'm lucky that I meet you in MP room.
Thank you <3
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