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Artist:ChouCho Circle Size:
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Title:Yasashisa no Riyuu HP Drain:
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Creator:Time Capsule Accuracy:
Length:4:04 (3:57 drain)
Source:氷菓 Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:177
Tags:hyouka opening 1 saori kodama makoto miyazaki eclipselotus akitoshi mugiwarasekai irohas zeroallies zallies shiratoi fii -wwwww vanillas moena User Rating:
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Jun 24, 2016
Nov 30, 2017
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I love myself who give this as present to future me
光も影もまだ遠くて それでも僕らは
今は誰の名前でもない 輝きの彼方へ
全部過去になる前に 見つけに行こう

Diff Spread
Easy by Zallies
Normal by me
Hard by Shiratoi
Light Insane by Irohas
Insane by me
Extra by Akitoshi
Rain by -wwwww

Special Thanks
Akitoshi for GD
Irohas for GD
Shiratoi for GD
Zallies for GD
-wwwww for CTB GD
Vanillas for SB
All Testplayer and Modder

" 私、気になります! "