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Note: The game has reached the final build and online mode has been disabled.




Drum to the beat of your favourite songs and become a part of T-Aiko!

T-Aiko! is a rhythm game inspired by Taiko no Tatsujin (Alternatively known as Taiko Drum Master) with the huge library of songs from osu! which is compatible with T-Aiko!

Final build: 1.6, as in 2nd July 2013


Motorola phones are not supported.

Original Post 
  • Use your device (must be Android) and go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data).
  • Go to Google Play page for T-Aiko!
    • If Google requests you to key in your Google account details, please do so.
  • Allow the file to install.
  • Wait and "T-Aiko!" is now installed in your device.

Alternate Way (Android 2.1 or later version)

  • Use your device and go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data).
  • Open "Google Play" app.
    • If Google requests you to key in your Google account details, please do so.
  • Search "T-Aiko!"
  • Press "Install", then "Accept and Install"
  • Wait and "T-Aiko!" will be installed to your device.

Adding Beatmaps

USB way

  • Connect your device to PC with USB cable.
    • You may need to configure your device to USB mode to connect the PC. Please do so before plugging in and/or making any report.
  • Put the songs files (either in .osz or folder form) into T-Aiko!/Songs directory.
    • Directory will vary if you did modify it in Advanced Option. You need to put in that directory you set instead.
  • Plug off your device and launch T-Aiko!
  • Go to Song selection and press the refresh button at the upper-left of the screen.
  • Your new beatmaps is now playable.

Device way (requires osu!droid)

  • Open your preferred browser and go to http://bloodcat.com/osu/
  • Select your desired beatmap for downloading
  • Change the download directory to "/mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/" (This directory is by default)
  • Wait until the beatmap is downloaded.
  • Launch osu!droid and press "Play"
  • Exit osu!droid after the cache has been built.
    • If your T-Aiko filepath is not osu!droid/Songs, you have to personally move the beatmaps to T-Aiko/Songs yourself using the phone's file explorer.
  • Open T-Aiko and press "Play".
  • Enjoy your beatmaps.
    • If the beatmaps does not load, please hit the refresh button at the upper-left part of the play screen.

What is the difference?

  • Some beatmaps may not work on T-Aiko!.
  • Spinners may appear as a single large red note. (?)
  • Character (like Wada Don and Wada Katsu) will not appear [due to copyright issues].
  • The game itself cannot be skinned currently.
  • Song length appears as blue line above the large drum and below the conveyer white line while lifebar is simplifies to a red line at upper left of the screen.
  • A large drum at the second half of the screen (Can be disabled). Hitting the drum creates red note (Don) and hitting outside the drum area creates blue note (Katsu).
  • Video and Storyboard is unsupported.
  • Combo Fire and Combo Burst (Character appearance) will not appear.
  • Game Modifiers: Only Auto.
  • Information (Length, BPM) about the beatmap selected is missing.
  • Beatmap search is missing.
  • Ranking and Replays are not available.
  • Placement of taiko-specific background is off.


Options Screen

(The design may vary depending on your device)

Autoplay Enable/Disable Autoplay Will not show Grade screen at the end of beatmap.
Show Drum Show/Hide the drum in-game
Haptic Feedback Vibrates when touching certain elements. Notable during intense drumming.
Sound Effect Volume Set the volume of sound effects [0-100] (default 50)
My Phone is Older Enable to help the game run smoothly on older phones.
Offset Set general offset
Advanced Options
Beatmap Folder Default (mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko/Songs) Not suggested to modify if you do not know how-to
.ogg offset Offset for .ogg files
Native Audio Player Better timing accuracy, but is more demanding and Mono audio only.
VBR offset Offset for mp3's encoded with variable bitrate


I added a new beatmap and T-Aiko! didn't load it

  • You did not hit the refresh button at the upper-left of the "Select a Song".
  • You placed the beatmap at the wrong beatmap directory or you set a wrong beatmap directory. Set the beatmap directory properly [See below] and replace your beatmap to a proper beatmap directory.

I have a lot of beatmaps at osu!droid/Songs...

  • From Main Menu, press Options-> Advanced Options-> Beatmap Folder.
  • Modify "mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko!/Songs" to "mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/Songs".
  • Return to Main Menu.
    • T-Aiko! may stop abruptly to follow the new filepath and the application may shut down itself.
  • Press T-Aiko application and go to Play menu (Song selection). Your beatmaps should appear.
    • If your new beatmaps did not appear, press the refresh button located at the upper-left screen. It will recompile the beatmaps library.