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Sandbox Pages

Press the red links to start making your sandbox pages.

Note: Everyone can edit a sandbox page, but its creator (check the history first!) can decide what to do with it at the end. If you need personal sandbox pages, feel free to create one under your user page. Once you are done with your sandbox page you contact an osu!wiki admin in their user talk pages to delete your sandbox page or use it for another article or test. That's the purpose of sandbox pages!

Note for contributors: Don't add more than 40 sandbox pages to the index, please.

  • (D) or a nameless sandbox means the sandbox page is completed (or empty), so feel free to use that Sandbox.
Sandbox-1 Sandbox-2 Sandbox-3 Sandbox-4
Testing: Bahasa Melayu Main Page translation. Testing: Template lab. Testing: Volunteer Helpers Testing: Indonesian Wiki Translation
Sandbox-5 Sandbox-6 Sandbox-7 Sandbox-8
Testing: PL:Help_Center Testing: Main Page lab. Testing: Template:Contents lab. Testing: old achievement pack revival
Sandbox-9 Sandbox-10 Sandbox-11 Sandbox-12
Testing: Indonesian translations for ID:QAT Testing: Storyboarding/Maps test Testing: BanchoBot command list test (D) Testing: Interface
Sandbox-13 Sandbox-14 Sandbox-15 Sandbox-16
Testing: ES:Kiai Time Testing: Website Testing: Options Testing: Glossary
Sandbox-17 Sandbox-18 Sandbox-19 Sandbox-20
Testing: Announcements Archive for polish community Testing: Heisei Project test Testing: T-Aiko! test Testing: new Main Page lab
Sandbox-21 Sandbox-22 Sandbox-23 Sandbox-24
Testing: Testing: Testing: Testing:
Sandbox-25 Sandbox-26 Sandbox-27 Sandbox-28
Testing: ZH:Installation test Testing: osu! World Cup/2 test Testing: Testing:
Sandbox-29 Sandbox-30 Sandbox-31 Sandbox-32
Testing: German translation of Standard Testing: Testing: Testing: Mapping Techniques for French community