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Slider Techniques

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If you got here but wanted to learn how to make good sliders, please redirect yourself to Making Good Sliders!


Stylish Techniques

Sliders with style!

Slider Art

Slider Art
MT 20.png
Usually placed when there is a long phrase. Consists of a slider that is shaped like an item (in these 2 examples, a Treble Clef and a Star.)
Nominator(s): Shinxyn Nom. #: 20
Example(s): Mago de Oz - Hasta que el cuerpo aguante [Insane] (Sir Minelli)
Julian Miranda - You're The Inspiration [HARD ROCK!] (m980)
Dr.Flowershirts - Canon (O2 version)+ [Hard] (osu_CN_yaya)
Rabbit Joint - Legend of Zelda [Easy] (Hitoshirenu Shourai)

Cutting Sliders

Cutting Sliders
MT 34.png
Consists of 2 sliders, usually 1 beat long and 1/2 a beat apart, that overlap each other. The second slider looks like it is 'cutting through' the other slider, hence the name.
Nominator(s): Agent_Spin_Here Nom. #: 34
Example(s): Owl City ft. Matthew Thiessen - Cave In (Agent_Spin_Here)
3oh!3 - I Can't Do It Alone (Rolled)

Crumpled Sliders

Crumpled Sliders
MT 39.png
Basically, a slider that has a linear setting and uses control points to squash them up together in order to create a sort of crumpled or squashed effect, which in essence, make a slider seem shorter than it is supposed to be. These can come in various forms.
Nominator(s): Lilac Nom. #: 39
Example(s): Frankmusik - 3 Little Words [DJ LaRTo] (Jarby)
ZUN - U.N. Owen Was Her? [Lunatic] (Xgor)
Nelly ft. Fergie - Party People [KIRBY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!] (YGOkid8)

End-Cutter Sliders

End-Cutter Sliders
MT 47.png
Basically, a slider whose end is stacked on another slider's path.
Nominator(s): Xgor Nom. #: 47
Example(s): Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. - The Fate of The Fairies [Hard] (impossiblexu)
Junichi Masuda - Opening [Red] (Larto)
Salia - Trust [Hard] (kioukiou)


Consists of two Wave Sliders, which are horizontally or vertically mirrored such that the middle of both sliders overlap. Technique is named after by Krisom.
Nominator(s): Rukarioman Nom. #: 50
Example(s): Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Spiral Slider

Spiral Slider
MT 51.png
A slider that goes in a spiral.
Can both go start from the middle and from the outer point and can have repeat arrows.
Nominator(s): Xgor Nom. #: 51
Example(s): EastNewSound - Lucid Dream [Strong Power] (Leorda)
Yoko Ishida - paraparaMAX I [marathon] (chan)

Spider Sliders

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Rainbow Sliders

Rainbow Sliders
MT 17.png
Large, arc-shaped sliders which generally take up one half of the screen. Best used in places with long, climactic, held notes, sort of like spinners. EBA is just full of them.
Nominator(s): MetalMario201 Nom. #: 17
Example(s): Most EBA beatmaps
Kevin Ridel - Without a Fight [Hard ROCK!] (m980)

Windmill Sliders

Windmill Sliders
MT 25.png
A series of sliders (usually four in a row, usually etna) which all originate from a shared center point, making the pattern look like a windmill. The sliders may not necessarily be curved, which can instead form a + or X design.
Nominator(s): Lybydose Nom. #: 25
Example(s): Gorillaz - Feel Good, Inc. (LuigiHann)
Tatsh feat. Tsukiko - Floating Darkness (Bibendum)

Wave Sliders

Wave Sliders
MT 26.png
These are sliders in an "S" shape, where it curves in one direction then the opposite direction. They're used to be a little more interesting than a regular straight slider.
Nominator(s): RandomJibberish Nom. #: 26
Example(s): BeautifulDay - Fiesta (darrihuka)
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (m980)
The Checkers - Julia ni Heartbreak (soradg123)


Sliders, with patterns!

Mirrored Sliders

Mirrored Sliders
This pattern is comprised of two identical sliders placed such that a line of symmetry can be drawn between them. They can be placed close together or placed far away and be utilized as jumps.
Nominator(s): kingcobra52 Nom. #: 2
Example(s): Inspector K - Disconnected Hardkore (CanBlaster Remix) [Unconnected]
Hitori Tori - perthed again (yambabom remix) [Zapy's Extra]
TJ.Hangneil - Kamui [SHD]
Korpiklaani - Vodka [Insane]

Etna Sliders

Etna Sliders
This pattern is typically comprised of 6 to 8 sliders that are half a beat long and separated by another half a beat. They can go in any direction and there are usually plenty of them. Etna sliders were coined by awp and named after a character from Disgaea who appeared in one of his maps. This post was specifically how it all began.
Nominator(s): kingcobra52 Nom. #: 4
Example(s): They Might Be Giants - Stomp Box [Intense]

Short Repeating Sliders

Also known as the Kick Slider
Not to be confused with Hold Sliders
Short Repeating Sliders
This pattern consist of a series of sliders that are both short and have many repeats. All sliders usually have the same number of repeats and fall on the whole or half beat in order to make it easy to follow.
Nominator(s): kingcobra52 Nom. #: 7
Example(s): LeaF - Calamity Fortune [SCV's Lunatic]

Zig-Zagging Sliders

Zig-Zagging Sliders
Reverse Zig-Zag Sliders.jpg
These are simply 1/2 slider arranged in a zig-zag pattern, except they're positioned so that the each slider moves away from the next slider, creating a quick jump for the player.
Nominator(s): kingcobra52 Nom. #: 5
Example(s): Queen - Don't Stop Me Now [Hard ROCK!]

Segment Sliders

Segment Sliders
This pattern is comprised of a number of sliders that start on the previous slider's end point. They are usually done with #Etna Sliders, but can also be used with sliders 3/4+ beats long.
Nominator(s): Xgor Nom. #: 12
Example(s): IOSYS - Marisa wa Taihen na Mono wo Nusunde Ikimashita [Normal]

Slider Trains

Slider Trains/Slider Fans
Slider Train - Fan.png
A series of sliders (of same length) placed in the shape of a fan. The player must click each slider, as if it is a stream. (If it was a 1/2 slider, the player would click in a 1/1 rhythm). The sliders can go in, or out (or both)
Nominator(s): MegaManEXE Nom. #: 23
Example(s): BeautifulDay - Fiesta (darrihuka)

Parallel Sliders

Parallel Sliders
A group of sliders that are all parallel to each other, the slider starts may or may not be next to the ends and they may go any direction.
Nominator(s): rust45 Nom. #: 24
Example(s): Cobra Starship - The City Is At War [Nharox]
Richard Stone - Animaniacs Intro [rust45]

Introverted Flow

Introverted Flow
MT 61.jpg
Introverted Flow is mainly a flow that is (literally translated from Latin) "pointing towards inside". It can be seen as:
  • a sharp flow dropoff from an arc to another that sometimes blankets the start of the previous one
  • a not-so sharp dropoff making the first arc blanket the end of the second one, with or without circle between
Nominator(s): Quiz-chan Nom. #: 61
Example(s): PSY - GENTLEMAN (Cut Ver.) [Insane] (Sonnyc)
Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita (Zardonic Remix) [Insane] (Aleks719)



Consists of slider ticks that has been replaced with a standard hitsound (clap, whistle, finish - usually overlayed with hit-normal/soft for accurate sound). These are usually used to make a hitsound seem "constant" even during a slider.
Nominator(s): Rolled Nom. #: 38
Example(s): Owl City - Fireflies [Hard] (Larto)
John Legend (feat. Andre 3000) - Green Light [Rolled] (EEeee)
Capcom Sound Team - Chill Man [Insane] (CracK)

Switch-Back Sliders

Switch-Back Sliders
MT 29.png
Consists of a 1/2 slider (curved). It is then copy+pasted, and rotated 180 degrees, and placed so it curves into the previous slider (they are Etnas). A hitcircle is then placed where the previous slider head was.
Nominator(s): Gladi Nom. #: 29
Example(s): Perfume - wonder2 [Gladi] (EEeee)

Tricky Triple Combo

Tricky Triple Combo
Consists of 2 sliders and one note. The note is sandwiched between the sliders to give an illusion that there is a triplet when there actually isn't.
Nominator(s): FishHook Nom. #: 36
Example(s): Buono! - Honto no Jibun (TV Size)

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