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This is a compilation of various personalities of note from the osu! community, both current and retired. Please exercise judgement when putting in new entries. You must show proof as why the said player is notable (example: radical playstyle, skilled replays, exceptional mapping skill or so on). Vandalism will be deleted on sight. Consider this your only warning.



osu! Standard

De.gif cptnxn is a German osu! standard player who has recently emerged as one of the greatest streamers in osu! His exceptional performance on the map xi - FREEDOM DiVE [FOUR DIMENSIONS] gave him alot of recognition and respect. This score also put him in the tiny group of players to ever achieve a rank over 500pp. Another score that shows his amazing streaming ability is the map A*Teens - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! with the mods Hidden and Doubletime.

Gb.gif Doomsday has been a long time member of osu! who has normally held a high rank. At one point, back in 2010 when the score based ranking system was still around, Doomsday was even at #1 overall. Even today, in an age where tablet players lead the scoreboards, Doomsday has managed with a keyboard and mouse to earn his spot in the top 50 players.

Tw.gif hvick225 has been considered a really good player for many years now, and has even been ranked very high in the Performance Points ranking system. For a while, he was often battling with sayonara-bye for the #1 spot. He is known by many for his impressive score on Sagara Kokoro - Hoshizora no Ima with the mods Hidden and Double Time. He is one of very few players to achieve a rank above 500pp.

Jp.gif PeaChick is widely known for being the highest ranking mouse player in terms of Performance Points. He is a player able to use a wide range of mods such as the popular Hidden and Hardrock combination, as well as the widely used Hidden and Doubletime combination. One of his most famous scores would be on Shihori - Magic Girl !! with the mods Hidden and Doubletime, earning himself an SS with these mods.

Jp.gif rrtyui was the best player of osu! from the switch to ppv2 to when sayonara-bye had more PP than him. While it doesn't appear in his Best Performances, one of his most impressive replays is an SS on The Big Black with over 2,000 plays put into that map alone!

Us.gif Saturos was the original osu!god and the first person to transcend rank #1 and one of only 3 users to be given the osu! Hall of Famer forum title.

Kr.gif sayonara-bye is one of the few who has achieved rank #1 in terms of Performance Points. Although this is impressive in itself, sayonara-bye managed to achieve this in half the time (3 years rather than 6) of most other top 10 players. He is also known for his score on A*Teens - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! with the mods Hidden and Double Time.

Jp.gif SiLviA was one of the best mouse players back in 2011, being well known for his accuracy and alternating style. Mostly a Hidden only player, he has managed to get some crazy scores such as Hatsune Miku - Joker or Hatsune Miku - With a Dance Number. Even in 2014, he is still considered as one of the best mouse players osu! has ever had.

Pl.gif WubWoofWolf, formerly known as White Wolf, is widely considered among the greatest osu! players. He currently holds a spot in the top 10 best players and is rank #1 of Poland. One of his greatest replays is Lily - Scarlet Rose+HDHR , getting only 6 100's and the #1 rank for the beatmap.


Jp.gif TKS, formerly known as TKSalt, is a no-hitsound player with plenty of S and SSes with presumably all of them coming from Taiko-only beatmaps. He loathes the mod FL and commonly uses HD and DT mods. He is a TaikoBAT who has created many Taiko beatmaps, but quite a lot have been graveyarded and many more which he didn't submit. One of his most well-known maps is Quo Vadis.

Catch the Beat

Kr.gif Spectator, formerly known as stpl, is a CtB player known as a good player and one of the best CtB mappers ever. In 15th June 2014, his team won CWC_2014 against Germany.

Kr.gif ExGon is the closest CtB player you can get to auto mode. With a breath-taking 99.98% accuracy and nearly 600pp ahead of #2, he is one of the greatest CtB players. What is even more astounding is that he still gets better every day, getting more and more pp as each day goes by. On Team Nekokan - Can't Defeat Airman, he achieved an SS ranking with HR, claiming his top pp score.


Kr.gif Abcdullah is a BMS player who got #1 performance ranking with less than 700 plays only.



It.gif Andrea, formerly known as osuplayer111, is by far the most well known mapper with over 200 ranked maps and around 50 guest difficulties.

Th.gif DJPop is a hugely successful mapper and one of the few mappers to have over 100 ranked maps. While a large amount of his ranked maps have been anime openings, he's produced multiple successful maps such as Marisa wa Taihen na Mono wo Nusunde Ikimashita and Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu

Ru.gif La Cataline is a master of hitsounding and considered one of the best. Her maps are widely loved by people of all skill levels.

Nl.gif Lesjuh was one of the first users to be awarded the Elite Mapper forum title by winning the second official beatmapping contest. He's also very well known for his DragonForce approval maps which test users both in steaming and stamina.

Jp.gif val0108 has gained a reputation for creating maps well known for their difficulty, speed and crazy slider style. While a lot of his more famous maps are vocaloid songs, such as Scarlet Rose and Mythologia's End, he sometimes mixes things up by making guest difficulties for non-vocaloid maps like Jiyuu no Tsubasa.


Us.gif 11t was the second person to be awarded the Elite Storyboarder forum title after his outstanding storyboard for EOS caught the attention of the staff. While the idea behind the storyboard was rather simple, the execution was really well done and the quality and effect was on par with an HD video.

Th.gif Cyril Scarlet, formerly known as S i R i R u, was a well regarded storyboarder and has created a fair few impressive storyboards. Some of his works include Koi Yomi Zakura, Only My Railgun and Black Lotus.

Fr.gif Damnae has created some really amazing storyboards using MoonShade's SGL tool for storyboard creation. He is also known for sharing the code used to make his storyboards so that other may learn from him. He was also the first person to be awarded the Elite Storyboarder forum title.


Pl.gif MLGnom has made a lot of skins since joining osu! and is considered one of the fathers of the skinning community. While he doesn't make as many skins as he used to, he still puts time aside to share his skinning knowledge with those who need it.

Ph.gif OsuMe65 has spent years creating, refining and polishing his well loved NeOsu skins. His skills as a skinner have really taken him far with skins such as NeOsu 3 and NeOsu 5 being really well made skins that both look and play well.

Ca.gif Xiao is the most successful skinners to date producing numerous high quality skins such as Nexus and Xi-Style. His skins have been a inspiration to skinners for years, and encouraged users to try skinning for themselves.


Us.gif Blazevoir has a huge track record of keeping the main #osu channel moderated at even the busiest hours of the day. She was also one of the first users to be given the "Community Contributor" profile badge.

Us.gif Derekku is one of the game's oldest Administrators and was chiefly responsible for managing the staff. He was also a long-standing member of the GMT and Support Team.

Au.gif Ephemeral was osu!'s first unified Community Manager and an infrequent contributor to osu!'s source code. He was primarily responsible for organizing the popular Monthly Beatmapping Contests and scouting out prospective talent amongst the community.

De.gif Loctav was osu!'s first Tournament Manager, and later became the second unified Community Manager. He was principally responsible for streamlining and vastly improving the process by which official tournaments were hosted, and subsequently offering improved support to other player-run tournaments within the community. Moreover he was the European BAT manager and manager of the Chart Assembly Team.



Cn.gif Ballance was an osu!painter known for creating the old achievement graphics.

Us.gif Daru was an osu!painter known for the drawing official osu! art such as pippi images used both ingame and on the forums.

Us.gif RBRat3 was an osu!painter responsible for current cosmetic and design changes within the osu! community, plus a myriad of changes to the game client.

Us.gif Sarumaru was an artist known for creating the original pippi and provided art for the original pippi.


Au.gif peppy is the online alias of Dean Herbert, creator and primary developer of the code and sprites that make osu! tick. In addition to being the project leader, he oversees the interface/skin design, the site design, and server maintenance.

Us.gif akrolsmir created and maintained the AIBAT tool. This tool is one of the most more popular 3rd party tools along side osu!record and osu!stats.

De.gif dukambe created the osu!Trainer tool that suggests beatmaps based on current player's skill.

Nz.gif Echo was one of the osu! developers present. He is attributed to the creation of BanchoBot under his former account name, Echo49. Among his many contributions to the osu! community are his IRC integration of the in-game chat and his general site maintenance.

Us.gif nuudles was the primary creator of the first iPhone osu! application.

Pl.gif Piotrekol has created a huge assortment of 3rd party programs and tools such as osu!stats, osu!collections editor and osu!StreamCompanion.

De.gif Tom94 is a German player known for his creation of the osu!tp player ranking system. He later became an official osu!developer and ported his code across to the game client, resulting in ppv2 after collaboration with peppy. He was also responsible for completely overhauling the Star Rating system used to determine difficulty in-game, along with hundreds of unmarked and assorted code changes which greatly improved the client overall.

Cn.gif woc2006 was a Chinese osu! developer, chiefly responsible for creating the osu!mania gamemode as an ordinary community member by decompiling and modifying the game's source code. He later consolidated his work within the gamebase proper, and was responsible for essentially starting the osu!mania community as a whole.


Us.gif DeathxShinigami for many years uploaded beatmap packs for all ranked and approved maps. He also created special beatmap packs for Ranking Charts, certain themes or just packs for a particular artist.

Us.gif Ivalset was responsible for creating the BAT and was the first BAT manager. Some older players may know him for the notorious James Training pack.

Us.gif jjrocks was the manager and founder of the original osu!Monthly which attracted and entertained a large portion of the community.