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This is a compilation of various personalities of note from the osu! community, both current and retired. Please exercise judgement when putting in new entries. You must show proofs as why the said player is notable (example: radical playstyle, skilled replays, exceptional mapping skill or so on). Vandalism will be deleted on sight. Consider this your only warning.

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It.gif Andrea (osuplayer111) is an Italian mapper, player and BAT who joined in Aug 2008. He is #1 in the all-time BAT rankings with nearly 5,000 posts and over 1,000 maps he ranked as a BAT and is the second user, first Italian and first BAT to get over 100 ranked songs. On March 31st 2014, he got his 200th ranked map.
For a long time, Andrea has been at the top of the overall rankings (pre-2013, player's total ranked score). He was in top 10 with his highest ranking being #2, just short of Cookiezi. When the pp system(ppv1) was released as the main ranking system, Andrea was shot down to around rank #250, but slowly worked his way back up the ranks, earning him a place in top 20! However, when ppv2 was released, his ranking went down to the 400's. Despite this, he still holds #1 in the old score based ranking system which he got on April 2013 when he overtook WubWoofWolf.
Various information can be found at his userpage.


Kr.gif Bikko is a Korean player in osu!Standard known for his touchscreen play and Flashlight mod usage. Due to his large touchscreen (large playarea), his cursor movement looked as if "teleported" from one point to another(slightly similar to Auto's playstyle), often ended up being accused of cheating and even was repeatedly banned because of this. He was able to prove his innocence, thus his ban was lifted. He was also one of the first to teach players how to play with Flashlight mod on. He still has high grades and claimed more than 50 first places with his signature's FL mod. Currently, he switched to using Tablet + Keyboard style.


Kr.gif Cookiezi is an 18 years old player from South Korea who started playing osu! Standard in 2009. He was regarded as the best player of all time without much competition. Cookiezi used a tablet and a mechanical keyboard (Cherry MX Red) and constantly awed the community by his unbeatable aim, stamina and speed. In 2012, Cookiezi took a 6 month break from osu! (Starcraft II), came back for OWC #3 and won the final against Japan again (See OWC#2).

His favorite mods included DT/HR with HD being his least liked mod. Some of his most notable achievements were Team Nekokan - Can't Defeat Airman (Blue Dragon) with 99% accuracy using the mod HR and xi - FREEDOM DiVE (Nakagawa-Kanon) with just one Katu without any mod. FREEDOM DiVE is infamously regarded by many as impossible due to the amount of continuous streams and the 222BPM of the beatmap.


Us.gif Derekku is an old member of a community who has achieved a lot since joining. He was part the original Support Team as well as the first installment of the MAT. After this he was promoted to the Community Manager/GMT and has now taken on the role of Administrator.

Us.gif DeathxShinigami is famous for managing and updating the beatmap pack listing page. He received "Beatmap Pack and Chart management" badge for his silent work on ensuring the listing is up-to-date. Marcin took his place after he becomes non-active (post October 7th).

Th.gif DJPop was a progenitor of deadstream and TAG difficulties, kickstarting osu!'s popularity as an actual rhythm game. His mapping style was made infamous by his 3rd beatmap, Marisa stole the precious thing's deadstream, in which he outdone it with OVERDRIVE half a year later. His deadstream was so infamous that it was affectionately called DJPop's stream by the community. As his mapping experince grows, he started to map TAG difficulties, with U.N. Owen wa Kanojo nanoka? known for being #1 in osu!tp ranking. He mapped a lot of high-speed songs at earlier years, while his later years was much more into anime and rhythm game musics. He called his old mapping "2008 style", and his current style are much more focused on flow and hitsounds. His osu!mania beatmap became the first officially ranked beatmap by the creator of osu!mania.

Some of his notable achievement was the infamous cosMo's songs (The Disapperance/Demise/Confusion/Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku), Touhou (NND variation of Marisa, Night of Knights), his osu!mania beatmaps and his K-ON list of songs (about a quarter of his total are these).


Nz.gif Echo (Echo49) is one of the osu! developers present. He is attributed to the creation of BanchoBot under his former account name, Echo49. Among his many contributions to the osu! community are his IRC integration of the in-game chat and his general site maintenance.

Au.gif Ephemeral is a long-standing member of the staff team primarily responsible for the addition of the MAT to the community and has contributed a few features to the osu! client as an infrequent contributor. His added features range from the addition of Taiko live-mapping to the channel-list dialog overhaul which made it possible for every new language community to have their own chat channel in-game. He also manages and maintains the "ppytrackr", a utility used by staff to assist in chat moderation.

Some of osu!wiki contributors may know him as one of the earliest osu!wiki contributor.


Us.gif geckogates is a tablet user from the United States. He has 2 years of playing experience and has risen fast to the top 10 on the overall rankings. He improvised a way to use a metal pad (as touch area) and metal wires connecting to his keyboard's electric board in which he attached the other end of the wires to his fingers (as buttons), allowing him to comfortably stream (read: tapping the metal pad with wires on the fingers) without the need to press the keyboard's buttons itself. However, he is no longer using the metal wires and has gone back to hitting buttons of his keyboard.

geckogates's web site (Included are his Youtube Channel, Picasa and etc).


Ph.gif James is an osu! player and mapper who joined in Jan 20, 2008.

He was infamous for the creation of James' Training with his signature "JAMES DIFFICULTY", in which many players referred to as a way of improving their skills.
His beatmaps are also known to be unique at its own rights, deploying various types of mapping techniques based on the song used and difficulty settings.
He was introduced to the osu! Hall of Fame on Feb 05, 2008, and had recorded to have done 125 mods in a single week, having run out of beatmaps to mod by the 5th day.


Us.gif K2J was a storyboarder known for his expressive storyboards. He began his journey as a humble mapper, mapping his favourite songs. Later on, when he discovered the wonder of storyboarding, he found an interest in it. As a result, he begins to gains his fame as a storyboarder by his first storyboarded beatmap, Iwadare Noriyuki - Meta Knight's Revenge. For some, he may be well-known for Mariko Nanba - Pirates' Island in Easy Series #2. However, it was his most celebrated beatmap, The O.C. Supertones - I Can Be Your Friend, that raised his storyboarder's fame and connected everyone from across the globe to enjoy the game. His success lies in his optimism, he requested everyone to participate in his project, in which he succeed and received support from both axis of the world. It was an ambitious project and despite the subpar art and long development time (a year), he managed to make the storyboard both enjoyable and hilarious. He had proved that a good storyboard put emphasis on creativity and enjoyment you can find from doing it with everyone.

He also wrote the storyboard by scripting himself based on his knowledge as a stoyboarder. It had stood the test of time and is an undispensible information for aspiring and professional storyboarders alike. There are 7 Heart.gif ranked beatmaps (4 basic, 3 storyboarded) in total under his name as the creator. Last ranked beatmap is The O.C. Supertones - I Can Be Your Friend.

Jp.gif kanopu was a Japanese Taiko player who was ranked #1 in both Ranked Score and Performance Points rankings in the Taiko ranking boards. As of 6th May, he has amassed over 3,000 Taiko top ranks. In October 2012, he switched to the Catch the Beat game mode.


Ru.gif La Cataline was a Russian mapper playing since 2010, known as "Queen of hitsounds" for her seemless implementation of hitsounds into her beatmaps. She was Chat Moderator for #russian for some time and because of her frequent issuance of "Silence" ban, she was nicknamed " леди-убийцы" (killer-lady). Currently, she does not appear in-game often due to real-life issues.

De.gif Larto is a friendly German long-time mapper and a former active BAT. He had mapped the entire "Here, Here and Here" album by himself and puts effort into creating creative patterns and difficulty spreads.

He has a sexy voice (link to a beatmap).

Us.gif LuigiHann is a progenitor in skinning, releasing several well-loved skins including two Elite Beat Agents skins and the original Taiko skin. The famous EBA skin was released in Feb 16, 2008 (part of "Extra" tab on obsolete osu!updater), and a newer HD version was released in March, 2014. His most well-known skin, though, is the old default skin that was used before it was updated by peppy and RBRat3 in March, 2013. His dedication in skinning has earned himself a custom nickname, "Resident Skinner". He was also a member of the Global Moderation Team before taking a long break (Nov '11 - March '14) from osu!. During his absence, he was awarded a Community Contributors badge for "Years upon years of service, including designing the original beatmap skin, advancing storyboarding as an art and motivation."

Despite being known for skinning, he did have some mapping experience, with 26 Heart.gif ranked beatmaps under his name. In mapping spectrum, he may be known for a beatmap with reversed hit-numbering and an old trolling meme.


No.gif MillhioreF is an American osu! player well known for his incredible skill at playing with Easy mod on TAG4/nigh-impossible beatmaps and testing new features for issues. Some of the notable ones would be an SS on Blind Stare - Shotgun Symphony+ [Impossibly Intense] (362 BPM) and ranked 1st in Hisaka Yoko - Don't say "lazy" (Full ver.) [TAG4] using Easy mod. Despite being known for using Easy mod, he had SS'ed original Can't Defeat Airman from 2007 with HD+FL, a testament of his potential. When not busy playing, he spent time troubleshooting user issues and do bug-testing. Due to his selfless effort on making osu! better, he was awarded a custom forum title, Pro Tester, and a Community Contributor badge for "Outstanding performance in bugfix/feature testing and handling user support queries."

Ca.gif mm201 (MetalMario201) is an osu! developer and is also part of the osu! team. mm sliders are named after him. See also mm201's wiki userpage


Us.gif nuudles is the primary creator of the first iPhone osu! application. Currently, the application is considered outdated due to inactivity of nuudles. Do note the application itself is not complete and likely to be plagued with bugs or incompatibility.

Pl.gif Niko (niko8rs) is a Polish player who has a skill level on par with rrtyui and is praised for his aim and stream skill. Constantly referred to as the 2nd best in osu!, he is a laid back player and talks to anyone.


Au.gif peppy is the online alias of Dean Herbert, creator and primary developer of the code and sprites that make osu! tick. Note that the first letter written in lowercase. In addition to being the project leader, he oversees the interface/skin design, the site design, and server maintenance.


Tw.gif Rucker is a Taiwanese player who was widely considered #2 in skill on osu! for many years below Cookiezi. He plays tablet with keyboard.
Rucker's Youtube.

Jp.gif rrtyui is a young Japanese player who is considered to share number 2 with Niko in terms of skill. He plays with tablet and keyboard and is known for retrying songs for hours at a time. He is famous for his #1 on The Quick Brown Fox - The Big Black (Blue Dragon) (Cookiezi took it back in Jan 2013) with 2,000 plays. rrtyui and Cookiezi had a long-time rivalry which drove both of them to try and beat each others top ranks. It has been said that rrtyui is losing interest within the game due to a lack of competition, However he often will come on to play new "Extra" Difficulty maps. With the introduction of ppv2, rrtyui overtakes WubWoofWolf as the current #1 player in terms of Performance Points.


Us.gif SapphireGhost is an experienced player, mapper, and modder, also known for being polite and friendly. SapphireGhost is a tablet PC User.
People may know him for the fortnightly Ranking chart,previously done by Cyclone. SapphireGhost took his place from June 2012 until March 2013 and was later replaced by DeathxShinigami. He is also known for two approved and notably difficult beatmaps.

Us.gif Saturos is an osu! Standard player from the United States who joined in Nov 21, 2007. He was notable for being one of the best players of his time. He was admitted to the osu! Hall of Fame on Feb 05, 2008, and stands now as an osu! Alumni. He is the first player to be able to transcend Rank 1 and achieve Rank 0. Please refer to this topic for further information.

Jp.gif SiLviA (SILVIA S15) is a Japanese osu! standard mouse + keyboard player who is consistently ranked in the top 50. SiLviA is arguably the greatest mouse + keyboard player on osu! SiLviA is known for very high accuracy with the mouse, constantly challenging and rank highly in difficult songs.
SiLviA's YouTube channel on YouTube.
Note: Silvia S15 is a car by Nissan.


Fi.gif thelewa is a 18-year-old tablet+keyboard player from Finland famous for being #1 player in his nation and #3 overall in osu!standard. He is regarded by many to be the most accurate player in osu!standard, shown by his many high-accuracy scores with Hidden + HardRock (HD+HR). He is well-known for his sense of humor, his mood swings, and his constant "Doctor Who?" references.

Ru.gif tieff was a BAT who created his own music for beatmapping purpose. His first composition that became ranked beatmap was Sound of Night. He later collaborated with Natteke, with Natteke doing the arrangement and tieff doing the melody. Their collaboration was proved successful, and resulted with three songs ranked, namely, The Dream, Endless Tower, and Sunrise. osu!stream players will definitely know about Endless Tower, which was packed together with nekodex's Liquid Future as default song listing and the old Bundled Songs's Sunrise.

De.gif Tom94 is a German player known for his creation of the osu!tp player ranking system. The new ppv2 is a modified version of osu!tp in which peppy and Tom94 collaborated to create a more accurate ranking.


Tw.gif Uan is a Taiwanese tablet + keyboard player who is currently #6 in terms of ranked score and places #5 in Taiwan. He is a hardworking player with an astonishing number of plays (over 200,000, in which over 2,000 of which come from one map alone). Though not the best in terms of skills, he is widely loved by the osu! community for being friendly and one of the few in the top 10 who actually bother to chat with other strangers in-game.


Jp.gif val0108 is a touchscreen-player and mapper who's well-known for his expressive beatmaps and extreme BPM value (somewhat similar to Bemani tenancy). His style, 0108 style, was made viral by Recommended Spell, which was superseded by Homework Crisis later, made full use of the play area by placing beats around the playfield, along a deathstream (specifically, DJPop's stream) to keep your adrenaline pumped to the guitar solo. His progenitor beatmap, With a Dance Number started the craze of extreme speed (296 BPM) and expressive patterns, with cleverly placed jumps and high-speed bending sliders that stream with the emotions conveyed by the song. Newer players may know him by Scarlet Rose, Mythologia's End or Talent Shredder (both #3 and #21 place in Best of 2012, respectively), which are the upgraded version of his signature 0108 style. Despite being dominant in vocaloid under rock genre, he occasionally map non-vocaloid Guest Difficulty, such as Die Flügel der Freiheit and Earthquake Super Shock.

He loves compositions from ナナホシ and bibuko.


Cn.gif woc2006 is a Chinese osu! developer. He became the osu! developer because he uncompiled the whole osu! program and made his own edition of the application. As the end result, he managed to create osu!mania game style and ranked the first osu!mania beatmap. By time of writing, his userpage stated that he quit osu! (either from active development or a case of forgetting to update the userpage), but he won't mind doing some bug-fixes for osu!mania should an issue arise.

Pl.gif WubWoofWolf (White Wolf) is a Polish osu! player who became the #1 player in terms of Performance Points in November 2013 following Cookiezi's ban. WubWoofWolf (then White Wolf) overtook Cookiezi as #1 on November 4th, 2011. Cookiezi had previously held the top position for 215 days. Was known to be the best sight-reader ever in his prime and arguably the best in playing older maps (2009~). Since the introduction of ppv2, WubWoofWolf has been overtaken by rrtyui as the new #1 in terms of Performance Points.


Us.gif ztrot is both a member of the BAT and is one of the few mappers to hit the milestone of 100+ ranked maps. ztrot helped establish the MAT as the team it once was by campaigning for their ability to properly bubble maps, and was the first MATmanager after the founding of the team. He has contributed to the storyboarding scene by his frequent experimentation with new styles and features. He is also a higher-tier player and while is not immediately in the top rankings, has a large degree of skill with many different play-styles and mediums. On the 16th of October 2013 , ztrot released the osu!academy, a series of videos that explains various topic of osu! along with his helpful narration. This video series is still being working on with a new episode being released frequently.