What is Internet Relay Chat?

The Internet Relay Chat, or also known as IRC is a well established standardized protocol for chatting with numerous clients available to connect with.

osu! uses the IRC protocol for its in-game chat. You can connect with your own client and chat with your osu! buddies even when you're not running osu!. Note that osu! Bancho uses a custom implementation of the IRC protocol, and is in no way a full-feature implementation; therefore, do not expect all features of your IRC client to function properly.

Notice: HexChat is known to have problems with osu!'s IRC (bug report of HexChat's GitHub), consider using another client if it bothers you.

How To Connect

Once you have a client you have to use your osu! username as nickname and you can connect to

 cho.ppy.sh OR irc.ppy.sh (both resolve to the same host) on port 6667 (the default IRC port)

Authenticating To Bancho

When you first connect you'll get a message like this.

* Welcome to osu!bancho. * - * - You are required to authenticate before accessing this service. * - Please click the following link to complete this process:

When you go to the URL you are presented with you'll see a screen with a big fancy "Authorise IRC connection" button. Simply clicking this will allow you into the chat and auto-join you into #osu.

If you wish to not have to click the big fancy button every time you connect you can put the password given into either your server's password field in a profile or use it while connecting.

To permanently authorise a client, please change your IRC password (server password) to: XXXXXXX

Remember NOT TO GIVE YOUR IRC PASSWORD to anyone else.

Basic IRC Commands

Description Command
Join channel (I.E. #lobby) /join #somechannel
Leave channel /part
Ignore nick /ignore somenick
Make actions /me does something

Disabling Join/Part Messages

Every time someone joins a channel or leaves it a message like this is shown:

someuser has joined #somechannel someuser has quit #somechannel

While in low traffic channels this is usually isn't disruptive, people are joining and leaving #osu constantly making it potentially hard to keep track of the chat.

Disabling Join/Part Messages In Common Clients

Client Command
HexChat a. Right click on the channel you want to change, under the settings submenu, check "Hide Join/Part Messages"
                                         b. Go to Settings » Preferences, under Chatting » General, check "Hide join and part Messages"                                                                                                                                                                            |

| ircII | /ignore * crap | | Irssi | /ignore -channels #somechannel * JOINS PARTS QUITS | | Weechat | /filter add irc_smart_weechat irc.somename.#somechannel irc_smart_filter *

                                         **Note:** somename is the name you gave when you added the IRC server to Weechat.                                                                                                                                                                                         |

| KVIrc | Refer to this thread in the official KVIrc forums. | | mIRC | Tools » Options » pick "IRC". Click the "Events..." button. Change the "joins", "parts", "quits", and "nicks" to your desired settings: "In Status" or "Hide" are good options 1. | | Quassel IRC | Right click on the chatting window, then choose Hide Events » Join/Part/Quit. | | XChat | Right-click on the tab you want to change. In the submenu of the channelname, there's a toggle-item "Show join/part messages", simply turn this off. Or you type /set irc_conf_mode 1 2 to disable the messages throughout the channels. |

If your client isn't listed here refer to its documentation, most clients have a way to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am having an error "Bad Authentication Token". What should I do?

  1. Make sure you are using the password at the IRC Authentication page.

  2. If your username had a space, replace it to underscores (e.g. This Username to This_Username)

Can I use another username?

No. You can only use the username that you're using ingame.

What is this voice status that I have? I also see some people having it.

Users with voice (prefix +) status are connected using an IRC client (except the chat moderators who have operator (prefix @) status).

Users who have no mode are basically who are connected using the game client.