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Category:Catch The Beat

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Catch the Beat (or CTB) is a game mode that requires the player to use their keyboard to control the fruit catcher in time to the music. The fruits fall from the top of the screen to the bottom which could be caught with your character's plate, above their head, to obtain points. Some fruit will have a trail of droplets which acts as the slider's body/length. Players are forced to follow these trails until it finishes, where they will then go about catching the end slider fruit. Spinners are replaced with a massive amount of bananas which falls from the top of the screen for the player to catch. Players are not penalized if they drop bananas, as the goal is to catch as many as they can before it ends. Players can also double the speed up their character by pressing shift. Fruit highlighted in red will appear if two fruits are too far from each other. This will temporarily boost your speed, allowing you to catch the next possible fruit; making it to be possible to obtain a perfect combo.