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Artist:FELT Circle Size:
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Title:Songs Compilation HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Benny- Accuracy:
Length:10:37 (9:23 drain)
Source:東方Project Genre:Pop (Japanese) BPM:142
Tags:舞花 maika white feel the flow roll ground runway drive closed wings crescent moon prayer blue flower flag our ship User Rating:
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Nov 14, 2017
Mar 21, 2018
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Spectator also mapped

fully hitsounded by Benny-

storyboard completed by Zer0-

mp3 is taken from Protagonists beatmap with minor editing by myself.

00:02:252 - white mapped by Benny-
00:51:815 - Feel the flow mapped by Benny-
01:29:975 - Roll Ground mapped by Benny-
02:12:031 - Runway Drive mapped by Spectator
02:58:650 - Closed Wings mapped by Spectator
03:37:890 - Crescent Moon mapped by Benny-
04:07:129 - Prayer Blue mapped by Benny-
04:49:003 - Flower Flag mapped by Spectator
05:40:691 - OUR SHIP mapped by Spectator
06:23:855 - Day After mapped by Benny-
07:01:248 - Little Nova mapped by Benny-
07:42:752 - Goldrop mapped by Benny-
08:27:169 - BRIGHTEST WAY mapped by Spectator
09:06:532 - Lies in reality mapped by Spectator
09:45:263 - Puppet in the dark mapped by Benny-