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Artist:Colorful Sounds Port Circle Size:
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Creator:zigizigiefe Accuracy:
Length:1:59 (1:57 drain)
Source:BMS Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:149
Tags:delaymaster+ delaymaster delay master plus anime pop bof2011 the bof of fighters 2011 midnaait nishizumi _yu68 User Rating:
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Nov 9, 2017
Nov 26, 2017
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For those who says that I'm pp mapper all the time, then try to farm from it!
That map is going to make you suffer with long 1/8 patterns, non-stop rhythm and 1/4 finishers!
Aiming for rank, WIP.

Little notice and explanations about the map
  • Why 1/4 finishers on ETERNAL diff?
    Because I think it's only way to represent this sound. It can't be represented by using 1/8 kdkdkdkd... or 1/4 kkkkkkkk. Also, current RC stands for this style.
  • I also have to state that I followed vocal and background music for Oni and lower difficulties, when ETERNAL is mapped by crazy rhythm in the song itself.

ETERNAL: 100% finished.
Nishizumi's Inner Oni: 100% finished by Nishizumi.
Oni: 100% finished.
_yu68's Muzukashii: 100% finished by _yu68.
_yu68's Futsuu: 100% finished by _yu68.
Mid's Kantan: 100% finished by Midnaait.