Beatmap Listing » Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere

Artist:Camellia Circle Size:
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Title:Exit This Earth's Atomosphere HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:VGBrotato Accuracy:
Length:5:27 (5:27 drain)
Source: Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:170
Tags:planet//shaper drumstep electronic kamelcamellia cametek drum and bass dubstep User Rating:
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Nov 4, 2017
Jan 1, 2018
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Options:Modding / Discussion

this map sucks, so pls mod xd
i dont know how to hitsound xd

Thanks to Erick and others for test-playing!

If you're confused about the new discussion page on the new osu page which this and other new maps will and is now on, watch Pishizor's video on it. (

11/4/17 - Submitted
11/22/17 - Map finished (Without hitsounds)
11/25/17 - Done with whole map with hitsounds more or less.
11/27/17 - Done with whole map, ready for mods
12/25/17 - Happy Holidays!
12/28/17 - A much cleaner one is uploaded.
12/29/17 - My cringey af birthday.
12/31/17 - Yay 2017 is ending! This year sucked so much lol.
pls rank or loved xd