Beatmap Listing » ROMO ft. Hatsune Miku - My Dream, My Melody

Artist:ROMO ft. Hatsune Miku Circle Size:
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Title:My Dream, My Melody HP Drain:
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Creator:andeh Accuracy:
Length:4:04 (3:27 drain)
Source: Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:132.005
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Aug 11, 2017
Aug 13, 2017
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My first (well, second actually. The first one was dead) map. I noticed there's no beatmap of this song so I figured I'd make it.

-Timing issue: BPM (From 132.22 to 132)
-Normal mode is now more smooth (flowing)
-More hitsounds has been added

more edits coming soon.
Thanks Poivila_qwq for the mod, it was great and very helpful.