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Artist:Meramipop Circle Size:
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Title:enemy of the society HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Hailie Accuracy:
Length:2:55 (0:30 drain)
Source:東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:104
Tags:rd-sounds 凋叶棕 aya shameimaru 東方文花帖 double spoiler あなたの町の怪事件 the mystery in your town 東の国の眠らない夜 sleepless night of User Rating:
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Aug 2, 2017
Dec 10, 2017
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Options:Modding / Discussion

Note: I am just testing out what works and what not atm and most likely will change some things that is obviously random when I have a full flesh idea of how I can actually map this song in a more safe manner while still following the song

- The map will not be a full flesh 1/4 slider spam map like it orginally was (which was the entire problem with the map in the get go tbh)